My Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Review & Swatches


I did it! I finally jumped on the bandwagon and ordered some Makeup Geek Eye Shadows. I am happy to say i am glad i did. For my first order i tried not to go over board and only ordered six. Since writing this post i have ordered a few more. I will be ordering again next week and i will then do an updated post. I am wanting to fill my Z Palette but i want quite a range of shades rather than it just looking all one colour. I got mine from Beauty Bay and they retail from £4.95-£7.95.

The formula of these shadows is just unreal, they are like nothing i have ever used before. When i swatched my first shade i couldn’t believe how creamy it was. They literally feel like a buttery dream and the pigmentation is on another level. I do prefer matte eye looks but now and again i love a shimmery lid. Sometimes you need a bit of glitter, right?! Lets get down to the nitty gritty, which shades did i pick up you ask?

Beaches & Cream | This shade is perfect all over the lid or to start off as a transition shade. It is the perfect basic cream shade to create any look.

Purely Naked | I knew i had to get my hands on this shade. I had googled swatches and just knew this would make the perfect transition shade. It also looks gorgeous applied all over the lid for those “no makeup, makeup” days. 

Cocoa Bear | One of the most raved about shades! If im honest, yes it is a lovely shade but for someone who is pretty pale it can show up a little dark on me. I think i will use this now and again if i really want to darken up the outer corners of my crease but that’s about it. 

Frappe | I couldn’t decide between Frappe and Latte as they are quite similar shades and i knew i didn’t need both. Frappe is a warm toned medium brown. It has the slightest and i mean slightest reddish tint. It is perfect to use as a crease shade. 

Cosmopolitan | My first shimmery shade! This is just a stunning everyday wear type of shade. I love to put this all over the lid. It is a gold peachy pink which is perfect for any girly girl!

Unexpected | Another shade i knew i had to have. I actually don’t own many purple kind of shades. When i saw swatches i knew it would be one i would wear alot. Again this works all over the lid or just as a crease/transition shade depending on what eye look you are creating. 


Do you have any MUG Shadows?

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