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I have finally found a hair brand and products that actually work and leave my hair looking amazing! Im not someone who usually uses alot of hair products but lately my hair has become quite dry and dull and in need of a good haircut. My hair itself is quite healthy but most of the time it just looks dull no matter what I do but not anymore! Neal and Wolf is a hair care brand I hadn’t heard of before but as soon as I mentioned it to my mum she knew about them and said how good their products are so of course I was excited to try them and see if they actually worked…

Neal and Wolf Glow Super Shine Spray | £12.50 100ml | Link

This is probably the one out of the four products I was most excited to try. As I said mine looks extremely dull no matter what. Once I was my hair and towel dry it I spray this spray all over and leave it for a few minutes before drying. As soon as I blow dried my hair I couldn’t believe how shiny it looked! Literally straight away, I didn’t expect this from this product at all. I thought maybe it would take a while or not doing anything at all but boy I was wrong! I now use this every time I wash my hair and my hair is left like in those hair adverts swaying about looking all shiny. I love how once you spray this on your hair you can’t tell as it doesn’t leave any sticky feeling whatsoever. 

Neal and Wolf Nourishing Hair Oil | £14.95 100ml | Link

I have used a couple of hair oils in the past and not liked how they felt on my hair. Again when my hair was damp I applied a small amount of this oil just to the ends of my hair as that is where my hair is most dry and in need of help. I dried my hair and was impressed that you didn’t get that sticky feeling as before when I have used oils even once I dry my hair you can tell you have applied it. I have also applied this when my hair is dry and again it is amazing! My hair feels so much healthier since using this oil.

Neal and Wolf Volumising Lotion | £12.50 200ml | Link

Even though I have extremely thick hair my roots are quite flat and in need of volume. The weight of my hair pulls on my roots making them flat. This lotion definitely changed that. I applied this on towel dried hair, I focused on the roots. Dried my hair as normal and instantly noticed a difference. My roots weren’t as flat as usual and looked amazing. Such a quick and easy fix. I have tried root boost sprays but they leave my hair sticky which I hate so the fact this product does the job and doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness is perfect. The lotion is quite runny which makes it easy to rub into damp hair.

Neal and Wolf Pliable Paste | £12.50 95ml | Link

This was the one I was least excited to try mainly because I don’t really style my hair in terms of paste, gel etc… I mainly straighten or curl my hair. I did try this on those frizzy area’s and on my baby hair and it worked really well to tame them. My mum has quite short hair and she absolutely loves this. She uses it to style her hair and said it stays in place all day and she mainly loved how it didn’t set hard on her hair so it kept it looking natural. I would definitely recommend this on short hair or hair style’s that you have to style alot. 

For me my two must haves have to be the Shine Spray and the Nourishing Hair Oil, I will be buying both as soon as I run out of these. I have never known hair products work this well. The prices are affordable but you are getting a high end product. Im literally super impressed and I have never been like this over hair products.

You can buy the Neal and Wolf Products from the Website Directly and it is Free Postage on every order!

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