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ColourPop is a brand we all want here in the UK so bad! I have seen a few bloggers who have ordered from the Colourpop website using a shipping company “Shipito” and it seems if you keep your order under $30 and fill in the shipping declaration you don’t get charged custom fees. I haven’t ordered like this yet but i am planning on doing over the next month or so. I bet you are wondering if i didn’t order from the website how did i get my hands on ColourPop? Well i actually got mine from the mobile selling app Depop. One thing to look out for on Depop is sellers trying to sell you these items for more than double the actual price. I actually paid the price on the ColourPop Website plus £1 postage from the seller. I know you can also buy ColourPop on Ebay but it is a little more expensive. 

I have four lippie stix, one super shock eyeshadow and one blush. The Lippie Stix are honestly one of the most amazing products i have ever owned. Considering how cheap these are the quality is incredible. I am really loving a matte finish lately so i picked up four matte shades. Even though they are matte they don’t dry out your lips at all and the pigmentation is unreal.

The Shades

Pinch | This is the darkest shade of them all. It is a dark nude brown. It has a similar shade to MAC’s Velvet Teddy. 

Oh Snap | Definitely one of my favourites. ColourPop describe this as a “Dirty Nude Pink”. On me it looks a little darker than the swatch below. It is definitely has a gorgeous rose tone to it. 

Cookie | The perfect everyday nude. This works with so many makeup looks, its a subtle shade which looks perfect on pale skin. 

Lumiere | One of the most raved about ColourPop products and now i know why. This is a dupe for the Nars Anna Lipstick. It is a mauve pink which i just adore. They also do this shade in a liquid lipstick. I can’t get enough of this shade. 

Which is your favourite shade?

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