EmmysBeautyCave: August 2014

I decided to try out some different High Street foundations over the past month or so. I get fed up of buying foundations and not being happy with them. Most of the time I do like my foundation to be full coverage. If im just lounging around I will just use a basic natural coverage one. I think finding a full coverage High Street foundation is such hard work! Most I try either don’t work for my skin, don’t last that long without having to re-apply some makeup and ones that just aren’t full coverage even though they state that they are.

As mentioned in previous posts my skin type is: Oily/dry combination. I find my skin isn’t oily at first but as the day goes on it becomes oily. The dryness comes and goes depending on the weather really, I find the driest areas are on the tops of my cheeks. (Check out my skin care routine post on how I prevent my dry skin!)


Elf Cosmetics / Rimmel Stay Matte / Seventeen Stay Time / Barry M Flawless / Maxfactor Lasting Performance / Maybelline Dream Satin liquid

Below are the swatches which I have taken one in natural light and also one with flash. The kind of shades I go for is Natural or Beige tones.

Elf Flawless Finish Foundation | £7.50

Shade: Sand

I ordered this in the shade “Sand” because there isn’t a beige or natural and usually I find sand a little too dark but this is perfect.

Pros: Med-Full coverage can be built up, lasts all day, easy to apply.

Cons: Leaves a shiny finish unless powder is used, not as full coverage as I like but good for a natural finish.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation | £5.99

Shade: Natural Beige

One of my favourite foundations for a full coverage look. As you can see by the swatches this foundation is thicker than all the rest. The shade is “natural beige”

Pros: Full coverage, easy to apply even though its thick, lasts all day.

Cons: If you have dry skin this would be no good as it does cling to dry areas.

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation | £6.49

Shade: Natural

I bought this as iv seen a few reviews which seemed pretty good. This is AMAZING! If you want a full coverage look but that still has a natural look then this is perfect.

Pros: Full coverage, looks natural and not fake, covers blemishes and freckles, has a twist pump to turn on/off.

Cons: NONE!

Barry M Flawless Matte | £5.99

Shade: Beige

I don’t like this foundation at all. It didn’t work on my skin and lasted a few hours before having to re apply makeup!

Pros: Looks good once applied but doesn’t last. Nice design of the bottle.

Cons: No lasting performance, medium coverage.

Maxfactor Lasting Performance | £9.99

Shade: Pastelle

I heard this was full coverage and worked wonders, I am so disappointed! It doesn’t give me full coverage at all. I only have a few freckles across my nose and cheeks which I like to cover and this doesn’t do it at all.

Pros: Lasts quite long but not great coverage.

Cons: Doesn’t do as it says, leaves a shiny finish, medium coverage.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid | £7.99

Shade: Nude

I hate this foundation. It is too runny, looks awful on and I just wouldn’t buy again!

Pros: Nice bottle design and minimal coverage.

Cons: left skin feeling more oily, colour is way to orange even though this shade is nude!!

Overall the Seventeen is the best high street foundation I have found ever! Honestly worth a buy if you want a full coverage look that doesn’t look heavy.

What is your go to foundation?