Ten Things I Hate About Shopping | EmmysBeautyCave

Yes im a major shopaholic but there are a few things that really grind on me. I shop far too often. Having ASOS Next Day Delivery free for a year is rather dangerous! Whether it is makeup or clothes I will shop and shop for hours and my bank balance looks at me in disgust. We all have pet peeves and I have mine especially when it comes to shopping. You must be thinking how can I hate shopping? I love shopping actually well 90% of the time, here is why…

#1. Sales… Yes I hate sales. Well not totally but just in store I hate them with a passion. My worst nightmare is walking up to rails over filled with clothes, half of them on the floor and then trying to route through it trying to find something. No just no, I don’t have time for that! I never ever shop a sale in store, I will always look at sales online where I can actually see what there is. 

#2. Labels… Walk into a shop see something stunning, buy it, take it home go to put it on and see someone has put the wrong size on the hanger!! Honestly fuming. Why do people do it?! It isn’t hard to put the right size on the right hanger. I always now double check the label inside to make sure it is the right size. 

#3. Crowds… I know most places get busy, if you have ever been to the Trafford Center in Manchester at Christmas then you know what I mean when I say busy. I don’t mind it that much apart from when people are rude! You see me stood there looking at something so why shove past me? Hello am I invisible?!

#4. Changing room staff… Most of the time they are pleasant and helpful but when you get those ones that are no where to be seen or you can casually see them talking to someone they know… GET BACK TO WORK! Then when they walk over and make you feel like you are the inconvenience! Erm no just no do your job. 

#5. Passing Out… We all know this feeling come on, when you walk into a store then have to check have you walked into a shop or a spa?! It is beyond hot, I literally walk straight back out. Being hot and bothered whilst shopping is my worst nightmare. 

#6. Slow Checkouts… There is about 10 people in the queue and of course only ONE person on the till and they are going at snail pace. I literally glare at them thinking call someone or do something you can clearly see we are all stood here. It is even more annoying when you see most of the staff members just randomly walking around. 

#7. The Pests… As soon as you walk through the door they jump at you asking can they help… woah let me get in the door first! When you are on a first date you don’t say lets skip food and go to bed… well some might… im not judging

#8. Arm Ache… I love shopping but when you do a big spree and end up with loads of bags and your arms are literally going to drop off. At least with online shopping it is delivered to your door!

#9. Can’t Reach… Why do some stores put some items up so high no one can reach them unless you are 6ft something! I am 5ft 5 which is average and I have no chance of reaching some of it! Do they think with have extending arms??

#10. Bags… Well one is paying for a bag, im spending £100 on clothes and they ask “Do you need a bag?” erm no I was going to put it all on now and walk around like that.. YES YOU IDIOT I NEED BAG. Not only that but you pay for a bag and it is ****! The handles rip within seconds… what is the point? 

What do you hate about shopping?