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Instagram Pet Peeves we all have them! @EmmysBeautyCave

I started using the app to promote my blog as I am a newbie at this and also just to share pictures of things I love…Make up, Nails, Nail art and just pretty little things. I enjoy spending the time taking photos and then maybe taking them again if I didn’t like how they came out the first time. I also enjoy following other people and finding out new makeup brands and seeing reviews on products.

But since using Instagram I am finding myself with pet peeves which are quite annoying! Some of these may be annoying to you and some of them may not but these are just my general opinions.

1.      Writing on a picture “follow 4 follow”. I hate this and find it a little bit rude. I understand bloggers want people to follow them but surely you want them to because they like your photos and not just because you have asked them too? If you follow me I will always check out your page, I like to follow people who post about things I love.

2.      I don’t hate this but it slightly upsets me when someone likes 10 or more photos in one go but doesn’t follow me? They obviously like my photos so it would be nice for a follow. It may be selfish but I just don’t understand! If i like someone’s photos I want to see more of them!

3.      If someone comments on your photos asking you to look at their instagram or blog but yet they haven’t liked the photo they commented on, or liked any of them at all and haven’t followed you.

4.      I like to promote my blog just like anyone else I will leave comments with my blog link but I don’t want someone going on and on until I follow them.

5.      This is just something that annoys me I don’t know why but when people take mirror selfies with a huge ipad! I don’t know it just looks stupid to me. I don’t own an ipad I just don’t like them in general.

To me I blog just because I enjoy it, I enjoy writing posts and posting photos because I also enjoy reading other peoples blogs. Yes I would like to reach over 100 followers on bloglovin but I want people to follow me because they like my posts not because they feel they have to.

Please tell me some of these things bother you aswel from time to time?

Rant over!