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Brr it’s a little bit cold outside! Cuddled up with the candles lit and a oversized jumper…perfect and of course the fact its Friday!! Whats everyone’s plans for the weekend? Im going to the cinema tonight to watch Gone Girl, iv also just bought the book for it. Tomorrow it may be a Frankie & Bennys Breakfast day, if you haven’t had one you need to! They are so yummy and all breakfasts are £5 whether its pancakes or a fry up.

Most of the time I like my foundation to be full coverage. Depending on how my skin is depends on which foundation I use. I own a lot of foundations then forget I own some of them. If you already read my blog you will know I have quite oily skin but can also go dry in odd places. So finding a foundation that works for me is a nightmare. Many foundations claim to be full coverage but they aren’t. I thought I would do a post on some full coverage/foundations that claim to be full coverage and give you my honest opinion and what skin type they will work for

Swatches L-R

Maxfactor | Revlon | Elf | Rimmel | Seventeen

Maxfactor Miracle Touch “Golden” | £12.99

In the photo this foundation does look a little darker which it says compared to the others because I use this one when I have fake tanned or if im on a night out. It is more of a mousse than a liquid. It comes with a small round sponge which is perfect for applying. I found applying this with a brush didn’t work but with the sponge it applied evenly and gave full coverage. It isn’t heavy on the skin which is a surprise. The size of the pot looks small but you do get a lot of product. You can get lighter shades if you wanted to use this during the day. If you want a foundation that’s great for nights out and lasts all night then this it it.

Full Coverage: 10/10

Skin Type: I have an oily base and this works so well. I woudnt recommend this for dry skin types as It will cling to dry areas.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation “Sand Beige” | £12.49

This is a recent buy over the past few weeks. I heard so many good things about it. It looks quite a thick liquid but its not at all and applies nicely and evenly to the skin. Id say it is kind of full coverage but iv found other foundations that are better coverage. I don’t find this foundation lasts all day like some of my others and goes a little patchy which iv never had before. The biggest downfall is that there is no pump…I hate trying to get product out and find I waste too much. I do think you can buy pumps that fit these.

Full Coverage: 8/10 (but doesn’t last all day)

Skin Type: Revlon actually do one for oily skin and one for combination skin types.

Elf Flawless Finish Foundation “sand” | £7.50

Iv had this foundation a long time now. Sand is the second lightest shade which usually other brands “sand” is a darker shade. This does have a pump…yay and is a glass bottle. It is a semi-matte finish but I find it doesn’t look matte on me so always apply powder. It is very light weight and perfect for a daytime look. If my skin is quite clear I will use this but if I have any breakouts I find I need more coverage so this isn’t best. Lasts well, just need to apply powder once during the day.

Full Coverage: 7/10

Skin Type: Oily/dry. I think it would work well with all skin types.

Rimmel Stay Matte “Soft Beige” | £5.99

As you can see this is a slightly thicker foundation. This is one of my favourite products to use, it is full coverage and helps with my oily skin. I do apply with a round ended makeup brush or if you want a little extra coverage then apply with your finger tips. I find this works so well with Rimmels Stay Matte Primer too! Lasts all day!

Full Coverage: 9/10

Skin Type: Oily skin. Not for dry skin as it will cling to dry areas and dry your skin out more.

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation “Natural” | £6.49

If you read my blog you would of seen this in my “Brand of the Week” post a while ago. I have to say this is just amazing. It is definitely full coverage but isn’t heavy, doesn’t look cakey and looks natural. Its lightweight and the colours are great matches. The bottle it self I love, it twists at the top so you can lock and unlock the pump.

This is better than the Revlon Colorstay and is cheaper!!!

Full Coverage: 10/10 (1 more than Rimmel Stay Matte because it is lighter and not as thick)

Skin Type: Amazing for oily skin as it is oil free but I think it would also work for dry skin types.