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This is a new series I decided to do on my blog called Real vs Fake! Please note the fake products are for the purpose of this post only. I wanted to share with you and compare real products vs the fake ones. I have seen people especially on Depop getting scammed with fake products as sometimes it is hard to tell what is real and what is a replica. In this series I will show you products from High End Brands and point out how to tell if it is a replica or a genuine product and also say if the replica is as good as the genuine product. 

Kylie Cosmetics has taken the world by storm not just with positive reviews but also with some negative points. I myself didn’t go crazy for the products but in the end I did by the Kylie Cosmetics Gloss So Cute and I got Kylie Cosmetics Koko K Matte Liquid Lipstick as a gift. I am in love with the packaging and the design. I love the simple drip design and the Kylie logo. It is simple but still stands out.


How To Spot A Replica

There are a few ways to spot a replica and they are quite easy to find…

The Drips: The drips around the top of the gloss and liquid lipsticks are part of the main design. On a genuine Kylie Cosmetics products the drips will all be different lengths, on a fake you will get two drips next to each other that are the same length. The drips may also be faded in parts, on the genuine product they will all be a deep black.

The Packaging: This mainly relates to the liquid lipsticks rather than the gloss. On the front of the Kylie Cosmetics boxes there is a mouth with the dripping affect and you will also see the teeth. On the genuine box as you turn the box you will get a two toned affect in a metal like design. On a fake it will be a matte one toned colour. 

The Scent: The replica products have quite a strong scent more of a chemical smell whereas the Kylie ones have a lovely subtle scent.

Text: On the packaging the small print text will be quite thick on a replica box and the actual product itself. On the genuine products the text isn’t thick, the only thicker text is the Kylie logo itself.

The Gloss: Above are pictures of a genuine gloss and a replica. You can see on the replica it doesn’t say gloss it only says matte lipstick. The wands are also completely different. The genuine one has a small brush (this is the second batch), the first batch has a longer brush and looks a little messy. The replica has a liquid lipstick wand. 


As you can see the swatches are similar in colour and the texture doesn’t look too different in the photo. In person they are nothing alike. The gloss is a very thick formula, I have never known any gloss to be like this. It is also the most pigmented gloss I have EVER tried. You only need one coat all over the lips. 

The replica dries matte, a gloss is not matte. The replica is nothing alike, yes the packaging is very similar but as I mentioned above there are easy ways to spot if it is a genuine product or not.

Kylie like ColourPop? This is something everyone has talked about. I own Kylie Cosmetics Koko K Matte Liquid Lipstick and I own a ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick… Both dry exactly the same, they are both extremely matte. I find the formula to be exactly the same. I would 100% recommend the ColourPop ones. 

Overall I am in love with the Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in So Cute as it is stupidly pigmented and looks gorgeous, I do love the shade Koko K but when it applies and dries exactly like ColourPop I will stick with them. I do have my second ColourPop haul coming up soon and a small giveaway. Keep your eyes peeled!

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