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I finally caved! Its not often i debate with myself for months over one product, especially when its high end. I don’t always go and buy high end products especially when they are new releases. I usually get them if i really need them or know i will use them alot. This is where the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector comes in. It isn’t a well hyped about product but its one i have been contemplating buying for quite some time now. I had seen a few YouTubers mention it but i just didn’t know if i needed it. 

The Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector is said to brighten under eyes as it states in the name. The reason i debated buying this for so long is because my under eye circles are very dark from being in constant pain and not sleeping so i find most “brightening” products don’t work for me. When i read reviews i found the people who were leaving bad reviews was their own fault. The product description tells you to apply this product and then apply concealer over the top, literally 90% of bad reviews i read were people who said they applied this product on its own and found it was too shiny! Yes its going to be if you haven’t applied concealer on top like the product tells you to. Seriously, what is wrong with people?!

The packaging is pretty. You get 4.5g of product which i thought was pretty good considering it says you only need a tiny amount on each use. It comes in a glass jar with a pretty peachy coloured lid. The product itself is a peachy pink colour with a slight shimmery look. Becca say it is best to apply with your finger rather than a brush so that’s exactly what i did. I took the smallest amount and started dabbing it around my under eye area. As soon as i had applied it i couldn’t believe the results. My dark circles were definitely lighter/brighter and i looked more awake. It did have a slight sheen to it but i wasn’t worried as i still had my concealer to apply. I used my NYX HD Concealer over the top and as soon as i had blended this in again with my finger the sheen from the corrector had disappeared. I was left with bright under eyes as promised!

Lastly i used a small tapered brush to apply powder. I pressed the powder on rather than using a sweeping motion. As you can see the results are phenomenal. I couldn’t stop looking at how light and bright my under eyes looked, there was no sign of any dark circles. Another thing i love about this product is how smooth under my eyes felt. It literally felt like silk! Even at the end of the day my eyes looked exactly the same. No creasing, no dryness and still no dark circles showing through. 

I wish i had bought it sooner but i can’t complain now. I purchased mine from Cult Beauty and the parcel arrived within a few days. It retails for £21 which is a little pricey but i can see the jar lasting me a very long time. 

Have you tried this product?