My Personalised Phone Case | GoCustomized Iphone Case Review* | EmmyWritesAbout

I am the kind of girl that is obsessed with phone cases. I don’t know what it is but i just like to buy different kinds of cases. I was recently contacted asking if i would like to collaborate with them. I was super excited to have my very own personalised phone case. 

GoCustomized are a fairly new business which started up in 2012. They have grown massively and have a huge range of products including Iphone Cases, Ipad Cases, Samsung Cases and many more. You can also choose from a range of cases including hard cases and soft cases. You also have the option to choose from some of the pre-made cases or you can design one yourself whether it be a photo or something you make. 

I wanted something different and something that was personal to me. I have always wanted a phone case with a personal photo on. But i couldn’t narrow it down to just one. I picked some of my favourite photos including me and friends, me and family and me and the other half. GoCustomized tells you the measurements so i went away and put together my photos using Picmonkey and then uploaded the image onto GoCustomized. Once i did this it showed me a preview of my iPhone 5s case so i could see if i needed to make any changes. I opted for the Iphone 5s Soft Case which comes in white,black or transparent. I picked white as i thought it would look good against my photos. 

As soon as my parcel arrived i tore it open and fell in love. Even though it is a soft case the back is quite solid and has a shiny feel on the photos so they won’t rub off or get marked. The case isn’t flimsy at all like some soft cases which is perfect as it keeps your phone secure which is ideal if like me you are constantly dropping your phone. 

This case retails for £14.95 which i think is a bargain for your very own personlised phone case. Postage is free via royal mail. Prices do vary depending on what product you get and what design you pick.

What would you get on your very own personalised phone case?