The Cons Of Being An Adult | EmmyWritesAbout

Remember being in school and thinking you wanted your twenties because it looked cool, then you get to your twenties and think you want to be back in school. Why does being an adult look so good when you are young then as soon as you hit adult life it all kicks in. Don’t get me wrong there are some pros to being an adult but there are also some cons.

Bills – This one we all know too well. When you are a kid you don’t realise how many bills there are when you are an adult. Payday hits you get excited then realise how much you need to pay on bills. Erm I didn’t choose this life? Wheres my sun lounger and cocktails and beach life at?

Learning you have to do things you don’t like – Being an adult is all about choices but sometimes you have to do something you don’t want to and it sucks! When you were young the decisions all got made for you or you would have a massive tantrum but as an adult you have to think what is really worth it. Putting that fake smile on to someone you actually want to punch haha

Birthday Cards & Easter Eggs – Right no one warned you as a kid that the older you get the less cards or eggs you get! Like come on, you still need chocolate right?!

You don’t get told what to do – Ok now you must be thinking how is this a con? It can be a pro but remember that night you are sat on ebay or amazon looking at random stuff and think ah stuff it lets just buy it? The next minute a llama is delivered to your door? This is when you wish your parents told you what you can and can’t do!

Cooking – You come home and you sit there debating what to eat then by the time you decide you can’t actually be bothered to cook it so you end up with toast, mmmm tasty.. NOT! You used to come home from school and dinner was ready, you didn’t get a say it was just there, you would eat it and be happy with no stress.

Food Shopping – We all know this one to well don’t we? Lets go shopping, you have a list, a healthy sensible list? You leave and realise you bought chocolate, sweets, stupid amounts of cheese but barely anything on your list? 

Full Price – Now I mean paying double the cost for bus journeys, theme parks, zoo’s, literally anywhere. Oh I forgot it was my choice to get older so now why not charge me double? Whoever thought of that needs sending away!

Can you relate to any of these?