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Sometimes in life it is good to think of the positives and things that make you happy. Some of the things that make me happy are small and some of them are silly. Im one of those people in any situation I am the one to make a joke or try to make people smile as I would rather do that than cry. Keep on reading to see what makes me happy whether its silly, little or big!

#1. Stars/Lights, yes this is a weird one. Ever since I was little I have loved looking up at the stars or driving to the highest place and looking down on all the lights at night. For me I could sit there for hours and get lost in the lights. That split second you look and everything bad disappears and it’s kind of like my safe place. My partner laughs at me as whenever we are in the car at night im like oo look at the stars!

#2. Disney, Again it is that moment you can get lost in your childhood memories. Little Mermaid is my favourite, I can watch it over and over again. Not a Disney one but Who Framed Roger Rabbit is my ALL TIME film! It is so good.

#3. My Pets, We have two Cats Ebony who is a grumpy old boot and Thomas who is our little ginger ninja. Then we have Peanut who is our newest addition, he is a 6 month old Spaniel and boy does he have a screw loose. Alot of people don’t think he is a spaniel because of how blonde he is. I call him my little meerkat as he always sits like one!

#4. Food, Yes I said it food! Im a size 14 which im happy with, I have tried diets for about a day then I think of food especially Pizza or warm apple pie with custard. I can’t help myself. Although Since the past year im not supposed to have dairy it sucks! I have some now and then but I hate going out for a meal and not being able to have a desert!

#5. My Family/Partner, The past few years have been hard. I have been housebound and in a wheel chair after having reconstruction surgery on my leg, then I spent it on crutches. I am now able to walk on my own after two and a half years but I struggle alot, I can’t stand on the spot, I can’t bend my leg properly and can’t walk very far but it is a big thing for me walking on my own again. My family have been incredible and Ashley has been my rock. All through it I have laughed because it is the only way I could get through it. Without my mum and my partner I don’t know what I would have done.

#6. Being a Granny, Not in the way im a grandmother at all im 25 jeez haha but I love my cosy nights in with my mermaid blanket, fluffy socks, a takeaway and a bath. Whats better than fresh pj’s, a bath, takeaway, sweets and laughs with your other half?

#7. The Zoo, Every Year I make Ashley go to the zoo a minimum of 4 times! I love it, I could wander round every week if I could. Ashley got me the best present for Christmas, it was my birthday 2 weeks after Christmas and I got to go feed penguins!!! LIFE MADE

#8. Music, Oh I do love to bang out a song and dance like a maniac. I can’t sing nor dance but when you are having a bad day put on some music and act like an idiot, it will make anyone feel better. My go to is cheesy 90’s music… Hello Spice Girls, Back Street Boys!

#9. Baking, Ever since I can remember I always remember me and my mum baking even as a teenager. Now I love baking still. My main thing is cupcakes! Check out my Chocolate Cupcakes with Reese’s Peanut Butter Frosting Post. I also have The BEST Gooey Brownie Recipe going up on Monday!

#10. Memories, I turned 25 last month and im not happy about it haha I have a funny thing with age I don’t know why. I love thinking back to when I was a teenager just randomly hanging out or when I was 18 going out once or twice a week, those were the best. The care free days whereas now its stress, worry and time to adult.

I decided not to include anything blogging/beauty related in this post as I wanted to share things you don’t know about me. 

What Makes You Happy?