Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra Charged Prep Setting Spray Review | EmmyWritesAbout

I will let you take a minute after reading the post title as it was a long name for a product! Urban Decay recently released some new products ready for spring whilst also giving some of the old setting sprays new packaging. The Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray is one of the new releases and what a mouthful it is. As soon as I saw they launched this I knew I wanted it as I have loved the other setting sprays from them. So what is different about this one?

The packaging is sleek as always and I actually really like the bright packaging as it makes it stand out and look unqiue. The Prep Priming Spray is a multi-tasking product that you can use:

1. To spritz on after removing your makeup to cleanse, balance and reinvigorate your skin.

2. Use throughout the day on top of makeup or without makeup to instantly hydrate your skin.

3. Use it before applying makeup to prep your skin and prime.

4. On top of makeup to set everything.

Impressed yet? I definitely am. I purchased this along with another vice lipstick and one of the new face primers which I will review soon. I have been using this spray for well over a month now and oh my I have fallen in love. This spray smells like coconuts! It honestly smells divine and makes you want to spray it constantly. This spray also has long term benefits which include:

1. Reduces the visibility of pores over time.

2. Makes your skin look more radiant.

3. Improves overall look of your skin with plenty of hydration.

I have to admit I have noticed my skin looking alot healthier and not as dull when I don’t wear any makeup and my pores are looking pretty good and not as enlarged. The spray suits ALL Skin Types which is impressive and Urban Decay say this one is even more hydrating than their new B6 Prep Spray. I also decided to read some of the reviews on the site to see what other people thought and one person has said it has reduced the redness on their skin so it seems like a do it all spray.

I never expected to love this spray as much as I do, I love it more than the original De Slick Spray and All Nighter Spray. I did pick up the 30ml which is £10.00 but I will be picking up the full size which is 118ml for £23.00.