Who Were You Growing Up | EmmyWritesAbout

I always think if I could go back ten years would I? The answer is yes. Im now 25 and only 6 months from 26 and I don’t like it.Yes you can’t stop getting older but I don’t know I just don’t like it. When you are at school you always want to be in your twenties but now im here I wish I didn’t wish away my childhood so quickly. When I was growing up mainly through my high school period I went through stages of being a different person, trying to find myself.

When growing up I guess I was lucky as I never got bullied. I was never the popular or unpopular kid I was somewhere in the middle plodding along. When I went to high school I didn’t go with any friends from Primary school so I had to make a whole new group of friends. When I went out after school I hung about with one person from school and the rest were from other schools. I hate to admit it but I went through the chav stage… Looking back I think Emma what were you doing! I would wear the matching tracksuit bottoms and jacket, the typical stripey Fred Perry Jumper, socks tucked over trackies, big hoop earrings, the list is endless and embarrassing!

I now look at chavs and think sort yourself out! But then I went through an Emo stage, yes they are complete opposites! I guess I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be. My style was always different, my makeup was horrendous. You remember those Maybelline Matte Mouse Foundations three shades to dark for you.

But I was happy. I didn’t really enjoy school but I enjoyed going out with my friends. Yes I got into trouble doing things I shouldn’t, yes I tried skipping school but always got caught. I wasn’t a great liar. I was told to be home by 10pm, get a call at 9.55pm where are you.. I was a 30 minute walk away but would be like oh I will be home in ten… oops.

So why would I go back ten years? When you are in your teens people make out your twenties is the best time of your life.. to some people it might be but for me it hasn’t been. From the age 18-20 I loved it, going out twice a week and enjoying myself but doing that soon gets boring and reality kicks in. Money, Stress, Anxiety, Depression etc… For me personally I have been through alot, personal situations that have changed who I am and traumatic experiences which I will never forget.

When you are in your teens you have nothing to stress over or worry about as such. You can be carefree and have fun. I wish schools would help prepare us more, teach us about balancing money, bills, stress but they don’t. 

Although I wouldn’t want to be a teenager in today’s society. I was only a teen 10 years ago but so much has changed. Teens/Kids now have to many options, social media runs their lives whereas when I was a teen we were out all the time having fun you didn’t worry about social media. All we had was Bebo and MSN! 

Good old MSN days!

Nowadays it is so much easier for kids to bully each other over any little thing. I think the internet and social media is the main reason so many younger teens now suffer with depression. Anyone in the 90s or earlier was lucky in a way we didn’t have that. 

What were you like as a teen? Would you go back there if you could?