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I started watching Sophs YouTube Channel around 6 months ago now I think. I don’t follow many UK based YouTubers but I love her channel. When I saw she had released two products with Makeup Revolution I was intrigued. Not that I need anymore eyeshadow palettes but this one stood out to me with the shade range. Alot of palettes have similar tones but I like how this has such a wide range.

I went into Superdrug and I swatched the highlighter palette and honestly I was a little disappointed. They felt quite dry, so I didn’t buy it. I did however pick up the eyeshadow palette. The packaging is gorgeous. I love how she has gone for nude packaging with logo on the front. This is review is slightly mixed for a few reasons so be sure to keep on reading!

Inside the palette you get 24 shadows with a mixture of mattes and shimmers and also a large mirror. It is such a good travel friendly palette. It also comes with a clear slip with all the shade names on. I love the names but I don’t often keep the clear slips as they annoy me. I wish the shade names were on the back of the packaging.

The top row is full of your neutral shades. Neutrals/nude shades are my favourite but this row is probably the most disappointing in the palette. Penguin and Pancakes are amazing, both very pigmented and soft. Fairy Lights and Pink Champagne are pretty but no where near as pigmented as the other shimmers in the palette. The swatches above took quite alot of layering and still didn’t get an intense pigment. Iced Coffee is very disappointing, as you can see the colour barely shows up, I swatched this so many times and the colour just didn’t build up at all. Cuppa Tea is pretty, I love using this in my crease. 

Straight away you can already see how Grow Old, Sparks Fly and Smokey Bronze have that intense pigment compared to the shimmer shades on the first row. These three feel extremely buttery and blend really well. The next three shades are matte and all three show up well especially Mixed Berries.

This row is unique. Pine Tree stands out to me the most, it reminds me of Makeup Geek Jester. It looks stunning all over the lid or just in the center. Petrol surprised me, above you can see in the second swatch how much it really is like Petrol which is hard to capture with the different tones. Pug is disappointing, again the colour just isn’t pigmented. The other three matte shades feel completely different, they feel alot more smooth and buttery.

The last row… Strawberry Sweets is such a gorgeous shade! I am in love. Festive Flame is also another favourite. Again Copper Coin and Rosewood are both disappointing, you can see from my swatch how patchy they are and how they lack pigment. I swatched both of them so many times but didn’t get anything but then you have Nightmare which is such an intense black.

Usually for a palette that costs £10 a few dud shades well 6 out of 24 I would be oh well it is a cheap palette but not when I own a few of Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Palettes and the pigmentation is amazing all the way through. Especially in the New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette. 18 of the shades in this palette are soft, buttery and extremely pigmented which make the £10 worth it but I am disappointed at how many dud shades there are. It is strange how 7 out 9 shimmer shades are incredible yet two feel completely different, same with the mattes. The dud matte shades feel extremely dry compared to the others.

The Makeup Revolution Soph X Eye Shadow Palette is unique and different and considering it only costs £10 I can put up with some dud shades but like I said it is disappointing. 

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