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My skincare routine has been lacking recently, mainly because my skin has been changing and I didn’t know what to use. My skin used to only be oily but it is becoming more combination. I get extremely oily around my nose and chin then mainly normal everywhere else apart from sometimes I get quite dry on my cheeks and around my chin. When your skin type changes it makes it harder to figure out what products work best. I have recently purchased a fair few new products, some of which I have already started to use and my skin is already improving.

Glossier Solution | £19.00 | Link

I have to admit when Glossier launched in the UK a while ago I wasn’t excited and didn’t rush to order anything. This product intrigued me when I started seeing people post their before and after pictures on Twitter/Instagram. I suffer with scarring from old breakouts on my chin and I am getting quite alot of breakouts on my chin and around my mouth. I am hoping this will help. I am going to show a before and after, after four weeks of trying it out.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub | £3.75 | Link

I always like to use a scrub that has the little exfoliator pieces in it. I find they work best when I have breakouts or any dry areas. I have been using this scrub for around three weeks now and really like it. It exfoliates really well and makes my skin feel fresh. 

Obsession Baking Oil | £8.00 | Link

This product is called a baking oil but I always apply it before I go to bed so it sinks into my skin overnight.  This has to be my favourite product of the year to date! I absolutely love it. It makes my skin extremely smooth. I won’t go into too much detail as I will be doing an in depth review soon!

La-Roche Posay Serozinc Spray | £5-£10 | Link

This isn’t really new on trial but it is a re-purchase. I wanted to include this spray as I have repurchased it numerous times. I always spray this over my face once I get out of the shower or bath and then in the morning before any moisturiser or makeup. It adds hydration and definitely helps reduce the shine.

You get buy 50ml for £5.00 or 150ml for £10.00.

Tisserand Tea Tree & Aloe Skin Rescue Stick | £4.50 | Link

I wanted to get a product for when I do get a breakout and I always find tea tree products work well with my skin. I do have the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water which I use when I breakout and it works really well. 

The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer | £3.90 | Link

This is kind of a skincare/makeup product for me. It does say it can be used at the end of your skincare regime or as a primer before makeup. It doesn’t feel like any other primer I have tried. It has a thicker consistency but it feels extremely cooling and hydrating whilst blurring and being mattifying. I was using this as a primer and now I am onto my second one! I am going to add it to my evening skincare routine when my skin needs a little extra care.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray | £7-£11 | Link

Everyone raves about this brand and how good the skincare products are. I finally ordered the Aloe Herbs and Rosewater Spray. All of the reviews are amazing saying how good it is for breakout prone skin. I am really looking forward to putting this to the test!

Now I have some new products and some of my old favourites I am going to stick to only these products and hope they improve my skin. 

Have You Tried Any Of These Products?