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I have tried so many different methods to wash my makeup sponges but I always end up having the odd staining no matter what I try. I recently found the easiest and quickest method and I can’t honestly believe how easy it is yet how much it works. As you can see above my before and after pictures proves how much it works. It literally takes less than two minutes!

I have different makeup sponges from different brands that I use which I recently compared them in my Battle Of The Sponges Post. This cleaning method works well on all of the different brands I find the sponges don’t split or break. Since finding this method I wash my sponges after every use as it is a super quick way so you don’t dread washing them. I have also left one dirty for a few days then tried washing it and this method works incredibly well. I used to wash them in the washing machine but I found after a few times of washing them they can start to split.

My new trick is super easy!

All you need is a bar of unscented soap, I am finding the Simple Pure Pack of Two¬†work really well. Make sure it is unscented as you don’t want a strong scent to remain on your sponge. The method is easy but you need to do it correctly.

1. Wet your sponge before washing it.

2. Wet the bar of soap.

Now you need to leave the tap running and hold the bar of soap under the running water. Start sliding the sponge across the bar of soap back and forwards. Don’t be scared to put pressure onto the sponge. Keep doing this repeatedly and then rinse the sponge under the water and squeeze out the excess soap.

That is it! Your sponge will be like brand new. I keep turning the sponge to where ever the stains are and then repeat. It literally takes seconds. It is such a simple method but it makes your sponge look brand new in seconds and it doesn’t damage the sponge.

I won’t use any other method!

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