Tips To Ease Anxiety

 Before starting blogging I used to feel ashamed about having anxiety or depression. When I started blogging three years ago I never realised how many people under the age of twenty five suffered with anxiety and depression. I am now twenty five and my anxiety and depression first started when I was fifteen after I went through a traumatic experience that changed my life and made the person I was change. It isn’t something I will ever speak about on my blog because it is to painful and to personal as it isn’t something many people know, not even some of my family. Ten years ago depression or anxiety was never spoken about or explained what it was whereas now it is so much more openly discussed which is amazing as it can help so many people.

I wanted to explain my anxiety and give you some tips I use that help to ease mine. I used to hide my anxiety and depression because I felt ashamed and that it was something you could just get over. When I was nineteen something else happened in my life which caused me to go into severe depression to the point I wouldn’t leave my room or talk to anyone. I struggled hard for a few years and I finally was able to get to a point where I was happy. Five years on I still suffer with anxiety but that has become worse since three years ago I was made house bound. I had an accident which resulted in me having reconstruction surgery on my leg which made me bed bound for months, in a wheel chair then crutches and now slowly walking again.

Being house bound has sent my anxiety to a place I struggle with sometimes. I became scared to answer the door, the phone and it sounds silly but being house bound messes with your head and going back to “reality” is a scary place. 

But now I have learnt of ways or found ways that work for me to control my anxiety when it is bad. Personally I think if you have never suffered with anxiety or depression you can never understand anyone fully who is suffering with it. 

Things I Do To Ease My Anxiety…


I have always listened to alot of music, I would rather listen to music than watch tv. I have different playlists on my phone from upbeat, cheesy, RnB, Pop, Slow and so on. When my anxiety is bad I play the most upbeat loud music. Any songs that help to put you in a good mood or songs that make you want to dance.

The Sims

Now this one is something I find works really well for me. I have always loved playing the sims, mainly for building and decorating the houses haha. When my anxiety is really bad I go on the game as you get so wrapped up in the game that you forget what is going on around you and you become engrossed in the game. I soon realise oh I forgot I was panicking and feel positive again.


I love how there are so many adult colouring books available. Asda and Sainsburys do some fab ones from Animals, Floral Designs, Harry Potter and more. Sitting and colouring can be one of the most relaxing things. Even pop some music on and just colour away for hours.


Going for a walk with someone or with your pet can make the world of difference. Peanut is always so happy and excited that he can make anyone smile. He has been a huge part of my recovery since my surgery and has helped me get mobile again. Spending time with your pets is amazing.


For me I prefer baking over cooking as I find it more relaxing and I am good at baking. I recently did a post on my Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Here. I love baking and decorating and find it puts me in a good mood. If you love baking or cooking find a new recipe on Pinterest and try to recreate it. 

Scrap Booking

I started to make a scrapbook with photo’s from when I was a baby to now so I have included pictures from my childhood, holidays, drunken nights and more. Reminiscing over happy memories always makes you feel good as it brings you back to a moment in your life when you were happy and having fun.

For me it is all about finding something to concentrate on, once you start to concentrate on something you slowly forget about your anxiety at that time and it will slowly calm you down. Find something that you love doing not what someone else loves doing. 

I hope some of the things that help me can help you. If you suffer with Travel Anxiety you should definitely check out Ants post on her blog Allurelavie. 

If you struggle sleeping due to Anxiety definitely check out Rach’s post from Beauty Queen UK where she has reviewed some products that will help!

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