Twitter Has Become A Whingefest | EmmyWritesAbout

Social Media is something I really used to enjoy, especially Twitter but it has definitely changed. Of course there has been alot of blogger drama and arguments but that isn’t what annoys me or makes me love it less as I ignore the drama and get on with my own stuff. Lately it seems Twitter has become a huge whingefest! I am not talking about us whinging about our daily lives, as we all do that haha but whinging about what others do.

For me personally I do like a whinge if I am having a bad day so I whinge about my OWN life not someone else’s. What I am talking about is people whinging constantly about things that don’t affect their lives in anyway. For example some of the recent things I have seen are people whinging about “blogger stereotypes” tweeting why do bloggers use this or that. Yes some bloggers like marble, rose gold and so on but that doesn’t mean it is bloggers only, some people who don’t blog love those things too so why does it matter if a blogger likes them? 

One I noticed alot over Christmas was people whinging on Twitter about people doing What I Got For Christmas Posts and Haul posts as some people say it is just bragging. I personally love reading those types of posts as they tend to make me go out and buy things haha and yes I do them on my own blog. I find they are some of my most popular posts. If you don’t like them then it is simple… don’t read them!! Why do you need to tweet whinging that people do them? Not everyone is going to love everyone else’s blog posts idea’s but guess what.. It is their blogs to do whatever they please on them. 

Another one over Christmas I saw pop up quite a bit was people kicking off about people going shopping on Boxing Day saying do they not have anything better to do or that it should be spent with family and not all about shopping. I do spend Boxing Day with family and don’t go shopping but I don’t slate people who do. Some people might have that as a tradition as they all enjoy sale shopping or some people might not have family to spend it with. Again why whinge about how someone spends their Christmas?

Yes I have the odd opinion and don’t get the hype with some things like how mad people go in the Lush sale and buy unnecessary amounts but I don’t feel the need to tweet about it as it doesn’t affect me or my bank account. Leave people to it!

I think Twitter is becoming worse than Facebook for whinging people and whinging for no reason. I feel like people are becoming so judgmental on what others do when it is none of their business. Alot of people might not agree with what someone does but why tweet it? Why not tweet having fun or interacting with others?

I have removed quite a few people from my Twitter for this whole reason, I don’t need to see someone whinging all day long about something that isn’t even to do with them. I have found myself enjoying Twitter alot more since unfollowing alot of people and I feel like I use enjoy it like I used to.

Do You Enjoy Twitter?