Vichy Idealia Overnight Peeling Review* | EmmyWritesAbout

It is no secret Vichy is one of my favourite skincare brands. When they released the Idealia Overnight Peeling Treatment I was extremely interested to see if it would work for me. The treatment is to be used after cleansing and to be applied using a cotton pad. It claims to restore lost energy and help your skin have a new lease of life. I was intrigued to see how it would work with my skin has I have used the PIXI Glow Tonic and found it irritated my skin and also tried one from Nivea which didn’t do anything for my skin.

When I applied some of the product to a cotton pad I was surprised it doesn’t have a strong smell. I don’t know why but with products like this they usually have a strong scent. The scent is subtle which made me feel better about trying it on my sensitive skin. My skin is mainly oily on my T Zone and then I have slight dry patches on my cheeks. Overall my skin can look a little dull especially after the cold Winter weather. 

I have been using the treatment every night for five weeks and I have to say I am very impressed. After the first few uses I noticed that once I had applied it my pores looked so much better. I don’t know what it is but my pores instantly looked smaller. It hasn’t irritated my skin at all and I have definitely noticed a difference in how healthy and brighter my complexion is. 

Vichy have done it yet again and released a product that works wonders. The Idealia Overnight Peeling Treatment is now a staple in my evening routine. It retails for £30 but you can often get it on offer on the Escentual website for around £20!

*This post includes PR Samples, NOTE all views are my own and my honest opinion. If I don’t like a product or have any negative views I will put them on my blog.