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April has been such a busy month and so much fun. If you read my What Happened In March Post you will know it was a disappointing stuff as so much got cancelled but this month has been the opposite. It is still nuts to think we are quarter of the way through the year! I am hoping the weather might start to actually get better soon and we might see some sun. This month is full of food porn, trips and more!

We took a trip to IKEA! I picked up the smaller Alex Drawers, I already have the tall ones which all of my makeup is in but I wanted the smaller ones to use as more storage. I love these drawers. They are extremely sturdy and you can fit so much in them! I am loving how my dresser and storage is all looking. 

First up it was my mums birthday and I treated her to lunch and some shopping. We went to Kaspas Deserts which has opened up near us recently. They have quite a few over the UK but we have never been to one. Oh my it did not disappoint. My mouth still waters looking back at these pictures. The menu is HUGE, no joke it is massive. They do sundaes, waffles, crepes, cheesecakes and more. You can pick from the menu or make your own. The drinks list is also huge with milkshakes, smoothies, slushes and more. I went with the Mojito Slush with Lemon and Lime Juice Balls. This was so refreshing and incredible. My mum got a strawberry and peach delight smoothie which also tasted so yummy. 

We each ended up picking a crepe, she got the Belgian chocolate crepe with strawberries and I got the white chocolate heaven crepe. They both come with some Mr Whippy Ice Cream. Honestly the first bite was heaven. We will definitely be going back. 

During April I ended up getting that horrible virus that was going round and ended up being off work for a few days. Peanut kept me company being his usually happy chappy self. 

I re did my gel nails, usually I always go for nudes or dark shades but decided to go with something a little brighter. I ordered this new pink/lilac shade and I love it. I paired it with some sliver glitter and loved the outcome. 

Me and Ashley went to watch Michael McIntyre one weekend, oh my god he was hilarious. I absolutely love him. He did have a support act on first who was really funny too. Michael McIntyre is just so funny, he definitely was amazing. We have seen a few comedians now including Lee Evans, Jack Whitehall and Kevin Hart. Next up we have Kevin Bridges. 

On the last weekend we went to Glasgow. We did originally book to go the beginning of March but then all that snow came and our train was cancelled all weekend. Luckily we got the money back and the hotel let us re arrange the date instead of loosing the money. We got the train, it is only a few hours which wasn’t too bad. We did plenty of shopping, I do have a haul post coming soon including beauty and fashion bits I got. I love shopping in Glasgow, where I live we don’t have many shops and usually have to travel to other cities to shop. 

We found a place called Di Maggio’s which is only a few minutes walk from the shops, it was near our hotel. Italian food is my favourite. The food was delicious! I got a cocktail, Candy Pants. It was so good, it had raspberry vodka in and was sweet but not too sweet. I then had the Chicken Chicago with sweet potato fries and got some cheesy garlic bread on the side. The garlic bread pieces were HUGE! I was so full after it all. 

Whilst there we also went to the Cinema to watch the new Avengers film. I liked it but wasn’t majorly impressed. I like Iron Man films, spider man etc but I thought this film seemed like there were just too many in this one as it wasn’t just the Avengers and then there was so much going on. There are some parts that are really funny but then it does drag on a little.  It has been quite a busy month this month and work has been totally hectic too. I am looking forward to a more chilled out month during May. 

What Have You Got Up To This Month?