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I’m all for talking about a product that you love but it is also good to share products that didn’t work for you. This doesn’t mean they might not work for others but it gives people an idea if they will like the product or not. I especially hate it when you spend money on products to only use them a couple of times because you hate them. When I find products I don’t like I try and give them to family members who will get use out of them. In this disappointing product post I have seven products and some are hyped about.

CYO Brow And Lash Gel | £5.00 | Link

I have run out of my Benefit Brow Set Go Gel and wanted to try and find a drugstore version. This is a new brand to boots replacing Seventeen. I have heard incredible things of their products but this isn’t one of them. It literally does nothing apart from wet my eyebrows. It doesn’t set them in place at all. 

No Poreblem Primer | £15.00 | Link

Everyone seemed to rave about this primer. I was intrigued as it is meant to be amazing for pores. I ordered myself one and also TheDenaEdit as part of her birthday present. For me this just does nothing. The smell is horrid, it smells of chemicals and I can’t stand it. I find it doesn’t blur pores and it doesn’t stop me getting oily. My skin is combination. I really don’t think it is worth the hype. 

L’Oreal Baby Roll Mascara | £7.99 | Link

I have been on the hunt for a new mascara as I think my trusty Maybelline one is being discontinued. I remember people loving this one and thought I would pick it up. It does NOTHING for my lashes, doesn’t add length or volume. I was so annoyed this didn’t work. 

Maybelline Super Stay Primer | £8.99 | Link

Maybelline is my favourite drugstore brand by far and these two products in this post have to be the only products I don’t like from them. This one is a hit and miss for me, it does a good job at mattifying my skin but it is the texture I don’t like. It is extremely runny and thin which I hate. It is similar to the new L’Oreal ones. I prefer a thicker primer.

Milani Baked Bronzer | £11.00 | Link

This one really does disappoint me as I really thought I would love it. I wanted a bronzer to give my skin a gorgeous glow with a small amount of shimmer. This just didn’t live up to the hype, the shimmer wasn’t really there and this shade is really strange. It just doesn’t work for my skin tone and the glow was disappointing. 

Maybelline Master Fix Powder | £8.99 | Link

I had seen YouTubers rave about this powder saying it made them look airbrushed. Hmm nope not me! It made my makeup patch AF! No matter what makeup products and brushes I used it went patchy and looked cakey. The white showed up even on my pale skin. It reminds me of the NYX HD Powder. 

Nip + Fab Concealer | £8.95 | Link

Now the consistency and coverage is actually pretty good but the shade range is awful. I have the lightest shade 05 and it is so orange/yellow and dark. I have fair skin and it is so bad. I am really disappointed in the shade range. 

Have any products disappointed you lately?