Homemade Chicken Curry Recipe Including Homemade Sauce

I have been eating healthier and making changes to my diet for a few months now and I have lost a stone and a half. I had wanted to loose weight but more importantly it was for my health as it isn’t great due to a few things I can’t change but if I can make my life a little bit easier to help then I will.

I struggle as I don’t like most vegetables and barely ate any fruit but now I eat so much more. I have been trying my own recipes to create new dishes. Eating healthier doesn’t mean food has to be boring or not filling. This Homemade Chicken Curry recipe is so easy to make but it tastes so good plus the sauce is yummy!

This recipe I either make using chicken or pork, both taste great with it. I then use a basmati rice with it. Then it is onto making the sauce, the best part! It is really easy but tastes amazing. You can amend the recipe to how you like it but this is how I like to make it. 


Meat of your choice (I use chicken or pork)
Rice (I generally use basmati rice)
Coconut Milk
Garlic (Fresh or powdered)
Curry Powder
Chicken Stock

How To Make It Step By Step

1. After cooking off your chicken or meat of choice (I always add salt and pepper when cooking the meat) turn it onto a low heat.
2. Once on a low heat add in some chicken stock, garlic (can be fresh or powdered, I tend to mainly use the Very Lazy Garlic which comes in jar. 
3. Add in some seasoning, salt, pepper and mild curry powder. Obviously you can buy different curry powders but I go for the mild one as I am not a huge fan of extremely spicy food but this powder still gives a slight kick and adds flavour.
4. Pour in some tinned coconut milk (remember to spoon out the top layer from the tin then pour in the rest). I start off with half a tin and add more if needed. 
5. Leave it to simmer for a while then add some corn flour. This will help to thicken up your sauce. Leave it to simmer again for 5-10 minutes. 
6. Plate up and I usually add some parsley or something on the top. 

Yes it really is that easy! It is a quick meal to make. I hope you enjoy this recipe! 

If like me you are loosing weight or trying to eat better weigh out your food. I weigh out my chicken and rice and input it into the MyFitnessPal app, this app keeps me sticking to eating good.