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Hope you are all having a lovely week so far. Its nearly the weekend…Are any of you going to any bonfires or fireworks? We have fireworks at the castle which is really good to go and see. Speaking of fireworks im slightly excited as today me and my boyfriend have booked tickets for Londons NYE Firework display…woooo. We are going for 2 nights which will be amazing. I originally from Reading which isn’t far from London but now live up north. He hasn’t ever been to London so obviously wants to do a little sight seeing. We are staying in Euston which isn’t too bad as you can get the tube everywhere. Todays post is a little of a debate lipgloss vs lipstick.

Apocalips “Nude Eclipse” | Maybelline Gloss “Essence” | Seventeen “Just a Fling” | Topshop “Damned”


I have always worn lipgloss ever since I was in school. Ill start with the downsides of lipgloss…of course its annoying if you are wearing lipgloss and it gets windy and your hair sticks to your lips..Eurgh. Sometimes its nice just to have a clear gloss to give you the little extra. At the moment im in love with Maybelline’s gloss its so pretty and is a gorgeous pink shade. My newest found love is Rimmels Apocalips in “Nude Eclipse” it is so pigmented and feels so soft. It doesn’t feel sticky at all like a normal gloss which I love and it lasts for hours.


If you read my blog you will know iv only really begun to use lipstick this past year and yes im 22, im a late starter hahaa. At the moment im loving deep purple and berry shades. My two favourite lipsticks are Topshop’s “Damned” and Seventeens Nude lipstick. They are both amazing. I think the thing that put me off lipsticks before is I found most of them to dry out my lips which I hated. These two feel amazing, they don’t go dry at all. I use lip liners to keep them in place and they last most of the day which the odd touch up.

Overall im a lover of both. I think it depends on the weather and the occasion im wearing them for. If you haven’t tried any of the products above you really should.