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Nude lipsticks in a sparkly casing?! What more do you want. As soon as I saw Makeup Revolution release the Life On The Dance Floor Lipsticks I knew I had to have them. They have released twelve lipsticks in four ranges along with three new eyeshadow palettes. The lipsticks can be purchased individually. I couldn’t find any swatches online so I ordered all three from the TAM Beauty Website but are they worth it?

The packaging is this gorgeous gold glitter case with a gold top. The lids are also gold glitter. Of course the packaging isn’t as amazing quality as the likes of higher end lipsticks because you are paying a very cheap price but they still look pretty. When I ordered them online I wasn’t sure what the shades would be like as there were no swatches anywhere. The shades include:

Invite Only – a pale peachy nude.

Exclusive – a deeper brown toned nude.

Elite – a pink nude. 

The formula of these is incredible, probably the best formula Makeup Revolution have done in a lipstick. They are a cream formula which I am loving lately. I am over matte lips. They are extremely pigmented and only need one swipe to get an opaque colour. I was really surprised by the pigmentation of these. I find alot of Makeup Revolution products to be extremely pigmented especially the New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette, but any previous lipsticks I have tried from them haven’t impressed me until now.

The formula reminds me of the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks which is one of my favourite formulas. I find them to be long lasting, of course cream lipsticks aren’t going to last all day and need re applying after eating but for a cream lipstick they last well. I don’t find I need lip liner with them either. 

Left – Right (Elite, Exclusive, Invite Only)

I was a little disappointed with Invite Only, it is alot peachier than I was expecting and not a nude shade. I probably won’t wear this shade as it will wash me out with having fair skin. I adore the other two shades especially Elite. Elite is your typical nude with a pink undertone, it will suit so many skin tones and it is a perfect everyday lipstick. I have been wearing this nearly everyday to work! I also love Exclusive which is a dark brown toned nude. This goes with so many makeup looks and is perfect for the Winter months.

They retail for only £3! The three I have are from the VIP collection which have the gold packaging. They also have:

Guest List Collection – Which have a rose gold glitter packaging and includes 3 darker browns.

After Party – Has silver glitter packaging and includes two red shades and a purple.

Sparklers – Black glitter packaging and includes vampy dark shades.

Then they have also released four eyeshadows palettes within the range retailing for £10 each with twenty four shades. 

I 100% recommend these lipsticks, the formula is amazing, the packaging is so pretty and they are a bargain!