My 2017 Planner Diary | EmmyWritesAbout

Stationary is addictive. Every year I go on the hunt for a planner/diary one I can use for my blog. This year I have found my favourite planner yet! The best thing is it only cost £10! When I picked this planner up I thought it was going to be around £30-£40 not £10… BARGAIN!

The front cover is me all over. I am obsessed with mermaids and unicorns so this is absolutely perfect. I love all the bright colours, the inside doesn’t disappoint either. It reminds me of the Bando planners but alot cheaper. Inside you get six pages of stickers full of all random things. Every sticker page has different stickers. 

It has a section in each month with the full month over two pages and then it has a week per page. You can date the pages yourself. At the end of each month there is a fun page that asks you random questions so you can fill them in and keep as a memory. Each questions at the end of each month are completely different.

The planner also includes a few random pages on with games and quizzes. I cannot believe how cheap this planner is. The cover is hardback and comes with a pink tassel to use as a page divider. I did pick up the The Ride A Unicorn Planner whilst in NYC from Paper Source which was located in the Rockefeller Center. You can use a shipping company to ship it to the UK. When I have used shipping companies I have never paid more than $15 shipping and that includes insurance. As this planner is only £10 paying extra for the shipping is worth it and I will be ordering from them. They have a wide range of planners to choose from.