My Bucket List – 10 Things

Do you ever look back on your life and think holy c**p where has time gone?! I turned 26 this year and that number scares me, thinking I am four years off thirty but for three years I was housebound which set me back massively in life. Finally last August I went back into work into a new job which I love and I am finally getting my life back. Being housebound for three years definitely put life into perspective. I don’t want to regret not doing something and I want to make the most of each year. This year I want to do more, I recently did a post of Things I Have Planned This Year

I have never really thought about a bucket list but there are definitely things I want to do in the future. 

Travel – I have been lucky enough to visit some incredible places like Cuba, Jamaica, New York and more but I want to go to new places mainly Florida!

Swim With Dolphins – I have wanted to do this ever since I was little. My sister got to do it years ago and it looks like the most magical experience. 

Tattoos – Definitely getting more tattoos is on my list. I currently have three and want more. I don’t know how many more. I hate it when people say oh they will look horrid when you are old. Well at least I can look back at each one and remember the reason I got them.

Own A House – This may sound typical but these days it is becoming harder and harder for people to move out and own somewhere. The majority of countries rent and don’t actually buy. I do want to own my own house and be able to say I did that.

Overcome My Fears – One of my biggest fears is heights and the unknown. I would love to do a skydive to beat my fear. I am so scared of not knowing what is beneath me or being too high. Maybe one day! Another fear is water, I am not very good swimmer and again I hate not knowing how far down it is to the bottom but a few years ago I did go snorkeling in the ocean in Jamaica which was unreal and an experience I will never forget.

Northern Lights – This is something I have always wanted to go and see. I am determined to do this one day!

Explore The UK – I am forever dreaming about holidays and trips abroad but I want to make more effort to explore the UK. I want to try and do weekend breaks to different places.

Something New – I want to try or learn something new every month. Whether it is eating something I have never tried, learning a new job or going somewhere new. I want to make effort to try new things.

Grand Canyon – This is something else I have always wanted to see. Maybe one day eh!

Sky Dive – Now I need to overcome my fear of heights and I would probably pee my pants but I want to do this so bad.

Whats on Your Bucket List?