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Primark makeup isn’t something I have been bothered by or rushed to buy. I have seen some people find amazing products in there but usually I can’t find anything. A few weeks ago I met up and went shopping with TheDenaEdit, Post coming next week! When in Primark I noticed these nude glosses, I think there were around 6 shades but these two caught my eye. 

When I swatched one in store I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting a cheap wand and the formula to be awful. The wand is amazing quality, it is like the Urban Decay Concealer wand with the two flat edges. It isn’t hard and has a slight flexibility to it. If Primark can put a decent wand on a £1 lip gloss why can’t other drugstore brands?! 

The main thing is the formula, when you buy a £1 gloss you don’t expect it to be any good. In my head I thought ok £2 spent on lip glosses, if they are bad I can just bin them as they didn’t cost much BUT I love them! The formula isn’t sticky at all, I find 90% of drugstore glosses really sticky but these remind me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses. They are also really pigmented which I wasn’t expecting, I was expecting quite a sheer formula. They apply beautifully on their own or even on top of a lipstick. 

Caramel Kiss is my favourite, I have been wearing it non stop over the past few weeks. It is perfect for Autumn. I do find the darker shade applies better than the lighter shade especially when applied on it’s own. The packaging is sleek and simple which I like, it doesn’t look cheap. I do think Primark makeup is definitely hit or miss and some of the products I have swatched do have the “cheap” feel to them but these glosses are definitely worth a buy. Next week in my Collab Post with Dena I am also sharing some of beauty finds I purchased!

For £1 each I really can’t complain at all, for a drugstore gloss to remind me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones is beyond incredible!

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