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Worrying about wrinkles at the age of 22? Yes I really am. Ever since I can remember I always see my mum using so many lotions and potions and at the age of 48 her skin is flawless and looks amazing. She always gets complimented on it and that’s how I want my skin at that age. Of course at 22 I don’t have wrinkles or anything like that but its always good to start prepping your skin at a young age to help keep your skin looking younger for longer.

Over the past few years my skin has changed a lot and iv finally found products and routines that work for me. If you read my blog you will know I have quite oily skin but hardly ever get breakouts. In that way im quite lucky but having oily skin can be quite hard to control until you find the right products.

Which brings me to todays post about some new skincare products iv found. L’Oreal have skincare products for specific ages which I love. This range is aimed at 20-30s and I have to say I love the bright pink packaging which made it stand out for me. Boots had these on offer so I decided to pick up the Skin Perfecting Advanced Correcting Serum and the Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur.

Skin Perfecting Advanced Serum | £16.99

This states to help improve the overall look of your skin and to balance out blemishes and pores. Iv not tried a serum like this before so decided to give it a go and got it on offer for £12. I carry out my normal morning routine, wash my face, apply a moisturiser then apply the serum. I use a pump and a half to cover my whole face. I have to say it makes your skin feel so fresh and has a cooling feeling. Iv been using this for around 2 weeks and noticed it has made a huge difference to my blemishes. I would definitely pay £16.99 for it.

Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur | £12.99

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this product. I was going to try it as an all over primer but I noticed it was a little thicker than your average primer and would run out quickly. I noticed it works amazing for when you have breakouts and don’t want to apply a lot of makeup to those areas. Because it is thicker it smoothes out over any breakouts and feels as if there is nothing there so you foundation or bb cream applies and looks flawless. If my skin is extra oily I use this in my t zone and it definitely controls the oil.

All in all im so impressed with this range and will be sticking with it. Some people may say it’s a little pricey but I can see both products lasting me a long time. Also in this range you can get an eye cream, daily moisturizer, blemish balm and face wash.