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Some of you may know if you follow me on twitter, i got an appointment for my knee operation to be on the 21st October. On Tuesday (18th August) i got a phone call saying they had a cancellation for the next day! Of course i took the appointment which meant alot of rushing around arranging things as the hospital is an hour drive from where i live as its a specialist hospital.  If you want to know why i need the surgery as i wont go into too much detail here you can read all about it in my “My Secret & Why I Started Blogging” Post. It is quite a major knee operation as they are having to reconstruct parts of me knee.

The surgery ended up being a bigger job than expected and i was in theatre for 4 hours. We were also told i would have one 3 inch cut somewhere on my knee but i have two x 5 inch cuts and some smaller ones. I am not aloud to move at all for the next 2 weeks and i have a metal brace keeping my leg straight. After the 2 weeks i have to have the stitches out, a larger brace fitted for another 2 months and then i will wear another large brace for an extra 3 months. Recovery time is going to be around 6 months! 

Yes i am happy the operation has finally been done after a long time fighting for it but of course i am in alot of pain and taking it day by day. I have tried to type of some blog posts in advance which i did mainly Tuesday evening the night before my operation. I won’t be on social media as much so please be patient as i am really struggling with everything at the moment but i just wanted to update you all.