Wet and Wild First Impressions | EmmyWritesAbout

Wet and Wild is finally available in the UK at Beauty Bay. It’s about time! I have been wanting to try more from them for so long after picking up some bits when in NYC a few years ago. Wet and Wild is extremely affordable and so many Youtubers rave about their products. I knew two products I definitely wanted to try and I also picked up a couple of others. I was glad to see Beauty Bay hadn’t put the prices up and kept them the original price.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation | £6.00 | Link

The foundation junkie inside of me needed this foundation. I have seen so many of my favourite youtubers rave about it but I have been left disappointed. Every person I have watched have said how this has a dewy finish and looks flawless. I don’t know what it was but no matter what it didn’t look good on my skin. I am extremely oily on my nose then normal everywhere else. I didn’t find it overly dewy, it even made my skin look dry. It didn’t look flawless and just didn’t look right. I tried different primers and powders but nothing worked.

Wet N Wild Concealer | £3.75 | Link

I can’t comment on this too much as I have only used it once so far. The formula is really good but the shades are disappointing. The lightest shade is very dark! I think they only had around three shades in total. 

Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush “Apri-Cot In The Middle” | £3.50 | Link

I picked this up on a whim, I have never heard anything about their blushes and didn’t know what to expect. I bloody well love this blush! It is subtle, not too pigmented but can be built up. It gives a slight glow to the cheeks, no shimmer just a glow. I definitely want to pick up more.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder | £4.50 | Link

This was another one I hadn’t heard much about. I love buying base products I can’t help myself. I have really been enjoying this powder. It is lightweight and makes my skin looks flawless. It doesn’t add any coverage but helps to even areas out. I wish they did more shades as I think there are only three on Beauty Bay.

Wet N Wild Mega Glow Highlighting Powders | £3.75 | Link

I will say I am disappointed Beauty Bay are only stocking two shades but yes I did order both shades. Blossom Glow is a pale girls best friend, it is a pinky pearl shade and Prescious Petals has more of a peach/gold hint to it. I find I can get away with both shades depending on which shade of foundation I wear. Now I will say I do love both of these and they can be built up to an intense glow but from reviews I expected them to be really intense but I have so many others which are more intense.