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Family can mean alot of different things to different people. Family is one of the most important things you can have but what do you class as family? Once I hit my teens my family life changed alot and impacted me growing up. When I was little I lived in Reading until I was four and then we moved up North five hours away. The only family I have up North are my mum and dad who I live with. The rest of my family are all still in Reading.

Alot of people don’t have a large family or are disconnected from family members, Slater Gordon can help bring families together or help families through disputes. When I was younger I was close to all of my family until I reached the age of twelve. This isn’t something I have opened up about before and I am nervous about sharing it on my blog. My mum and biological father split when I was four and she moved us up north with my step dad. When I hit the age of twelve my biological father decided to never speak to me again. The reason… well he was pathetic. He didn’t tell me him and his new wife were expecting a baby, he rang my mum and told her once the baby was born. I never met the baby, he lied again with the second child. We arranged me to meet them but at the age of twelve I was scared and panicked and because I backed out of that one meeting my biological father decided to never speak to me again and so did all of that side of my “family”. The hurtful side was how can people I was so close with abandon a child and pretend I didn’t exist.

I heard contact from him 12 years later, this was last year. Where he said he regretted it but then when we spoke more he told me it was all my fault and that his sons don’t even know I exist. At that point I told him where to go. A father isn’t a term I would use for him, twelve years, not one birthday card, not one though. I had been in accidents, surgeries and other personal situations that he didn’t care about. 

My point is to me Family doesn’t just mean related by blood. My step dad is my dad, he is the one who has been there since I was 4. He has been there through the hard times, through rough times. Ashley is my partner who has become my rock, he has been there the past 7 years and been there for me through my surgeries, my hard times and we have gone through alot but he is my family.

What Does Family Mean?

To me, it is the people who are there for you no matter what, whether it is friends, partners, anyone who helps you. Like I said, family isn’t just by blood it is a connection. Not everyone has the perfect family life and nobody should judge. You don’t see what goes on behind closed doors.

Yes I wish my family life was a little better. If I could change one thing I wish me and my sister were closer. She is in her thirties and she moved back down south when she was 17. She didn’t like it up north. We are nothing alike and think differently which causes us to clash alot but she is my sister and no matter what I would be there. Unlike my “biological” so called father, you don’t give up on people and don’t abandon family. 

My family is alot of people, my friends, my partner, my pets, they are all counted as family. End of the day, family is family and it is what you make it not what you are born with. 

What Does Family Mean To You?

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