Best Blow Dryer For Diffusing Curly Hair

When you aim to buy a hairdryer of worth $300 or more, you ask yourself a question, does it really worth it? With our list of Best Blow Dryer for diffusing curly hair, you will be able to find yourself the best hair dryer to make sure that your every day is a good hair day. The high-quality hairdryer will smooth down the cuticles of rough hair and make the frizzy hair shiny, silky and manageable.

Hairdryers are one of the essential tools for your hair care, women all over need it to set their hair up. They can make the whole process of hairstyling a lot easier and better for you by saving your time and energy. To guide you through the decision making of the best hair dryer to diffuse your curly, wavy or super curly hair, we have the top ten list of top-quality hair dryers for your ease and convenience. Let’s get started!

10 Best Blow Dryer For Diffusing Curly Hair (Comparison Table)

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10 Best Blow Dryer For Diffusing Curly Hair (Detailed Buyers Guide)


Want beautiful, saloon styled hair effortlessly, that stands out? The Award-Winning Air professional performance hairdryer fuses beautiful design with high power performance. The professionally designed GHD hairdryer is the iconic hairstylist to get the beautifully styled hair at home with a little effort. Either you have curly, straight or wavy hair, this hairdryer will prove to be the best for you.

With the strength of 2100 W high function motor and patented removable air filter it provides a jet of powerful air that will efficiently dry the hair quickly. The advanced ionic technology prevents the hair frizz while air drying and gives you the saloon-style finish in half the time. From straight, sleek and shiny hair to the beautiful, gorgeous curly hair, this dryer helps you to achieve all the hairstyling looks with the little effort.

The high-quality GHD hair dryer comes with long cables which makes it convenient to carry it around the dressing table for styling at ease. The quick-drying technique reduces frizz and flyways in a very efficient manner. So, if you are having great trouble managing your wet curly hair after every wash, this durable hair diffuser can be your best friend for a life time.


  • Award-Winning Professionally designed hairdryer
  • The powerful motor of 2100 W
  • Patented removable air filter
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy handling
  • Long and strong cable wire
  • Easy to carry along with you in a travel bag
  • Perfect for hair styling
  • Takes a little time and effort



Looking for an affordable yet high-performance hairdryer? The winner of the Beauty awards 2019, Remington pro hair dryer covers it all with ceramic advanced technology works 50 times faster than the others. Thanks to the 1875 W professionally designed motor. The ceramic coating on the dryer’s hot grill generates 90 times more ions to shower your hair with the saloon styled hair treatment, frizz-free and silky-smooth finish.

This hair dryer provides you the best results in the budget. With the low and very affordable price, this hair dryer delivers excellent hairstyling options in shorter periods of time and a little effort.

Remington has a hairdryer to cater to all your needs. From keratin protected hair to curly hair, the hairdryer covers it all. It comes in a travel-friendly size, comfortable to carry around in your travel-sized bag. The revolutionary hairdryer also comes in 3D airflow technology with quick-drying, before it gets frizzy. With the consensus of all the hairstylists, Remington’s hairdryer is the best option for damaged hair.


  • Beauty Award winner 2019
  • Easy to operate
  • Travel-friendly
  • Powerful 1875 W motor
  • Professionally designed equipment
  • Anti-frizz ceramic hairdryer
  • Advanced ionic technology
  • Very affordable
  • Best for damaged hair


The devadryer and devafuser dryer and diffuser combo is the essential tool for wavy, curly and even super curly hair. Get the super defined curls with this wonderful hairdryer in no time. The iconic technology comes in a patented Devafuser comprises of 1600 W power accompanied by an AC motor. The amazing iconic technology prevents the hair to get frizzy with the air drying and over time. It helps you to eliminate static, flyaways leaving you with smoother, shiny and frizz-free hair until you get the net hair wash.

This hair dryer provides you its best hair care services at 3 different temperatures and 2 different speed settings. Begin by tilting your head to the side, placing the Devafuser™ underneath your curls at the scalp to dry out the roots first. With other dryers, the hair strands get dry first leaving your roots and scalp damp. This is more problematic for the curly or super curly hair.

The overdoing of the hair drying process will make your hair strands frizzy by the time the roots get dry. The universal attachments coming along with the dryer helps to get this process of hair drying more efficiently and it can be attached to any other dryer if needed.


  • Professional hairdryer for super curly hair
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-frizz hair treatment
  • Convenient dryer attachments
  • 1600 Watts powerful motor
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 2-speed settings
  • Detachable dryer’s attachments
  • Travel-friendly


Want a powerful hairdryer for professional use? Bio Iconic Power light Pro Dryer is the luxury beauty gadget founded by a hairstylist, is a professional’s choice for styling tools. It features a patented eco drive motor to dry the hair 10 minutes faster than usual. Natural volcanic rock minerals infused into the Bio Iconic emits negative ions that penetrate deep into your hair with the ample hydration.

The negative ions suck the water molecules into the roots and cuticles of the hair. Hair becomes hydrated and conditioned. The outer cuticle layers lie flat and smooth, trapping all the moisture for shiny, vibrant hair. This dryer is light in weight, easy to carry around in your bag. With the dual voltage 120 and 220 volts, it provides adjustable, constant and even heats throughout the hair strands. This brand utilizes Moisturizing heat to create flawless hairstyles that look healthy and lasts all day.

With this powerful dryer, it is easy and quick to create a salon blowout at home without any of the damage. It has a property of adjustable Far infrared heat, adjustable speed having cord length of 9 feet to allow you to move around freely around the dressing table while styling. It has a weight of 17 oz without the cord. The dryer also has the option of cool shots too.


  • 1875 Watts professional dryer
  • 10x quick drying
  • Volcanic minerals for extra hydration
  • Anti-frizz technology
  • Easy handling
  • Dual voltage settings
  • Super lightweight


Harry Josh, brings you the best of best when it comes to the hairstyling instruments. The pro tools pro dryer 2000 utilize the advanced and dual ION functionality to allow for a customized sleek or voluminous styling with the maximum shine. The most powerful dryer in this class, features a long-life 2000 hour, AC motor of 1875 Watts and 125 Volts that is able to blow air at the speed of 80+ mph to cut the drying time in half.

It is super lightweight, weighs less than a pound, much lighter than the other highly claimed super lightweight hairdryer. One of the most prominent hairstylists, Harry Josh, knows the woes of having a hair dryer that does not work well enough. So, this piece is made extra durable with the highest quality materials to make the inner and outer parts of the dryer, which can withstand long periods of use.

This dryer has a lot of setting to adjust heat and speed to the optimal levels. Specific hair textures demand specific hair dryers but Harry Josh’s hairdryer is the versatile option to get all the types of hair covered.


  • Superior finish
  • Heat Guards
  • Easy Handling
  • Professional grade
  • Optimum for everyday use
  • Incredibly high quality
  • An additional layer of hair protection


  • Only a single color option available
  • Costly for non-professional use
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Expensive


On Number 6 of our list of best blow dryer for diffusing curly hair we have featherweight to an iconic hairdryer is a world-class lightweight hairdryer that delivers knockout results every time. The winner of two allure best of beauty award hairdryer is responsible for quick healthy drying and anti-frizz hair styling. The powerful ion generator is famous for its frizz reducing gloss boosting and powerful drying results in the most enviable hair of all time.

The ion enriched airflow dries a large section of hairs quickly and gently this amazing hair dryer has three heat settings and two-speed seconds to adjust the air according to need. It has a powerful technology of ceramic 2.5 inches barrel brush to enhance the body and shine for your hair. It is compatible with a soft touch two diffusive the t3 tools are powered by proprietary technologies that deliver exceptional performance and superior results.

The hairdryer is extremely lightweight, as the name suggests it comprises the weight of a feather. Extremely comfortable for daily use and to carry it around in your bag. The long cord allows you to move around freely during hair styling this tool is versatile can be used in the styling of any type of hair texture.


  • Award-winning featherweight contender
  • T3 soft air technology
  • Ion enriched airflow
  • Ceramic 2.5 barrel brush
  • Soft-touch two diffuser
  • Allows three heat settings and two-speed settings
  • Cool shot button


  • Costly
  • Nonreusable parts
  • Available in two colors only


Need a professional, high-quality hairdryer in a budget? Here is the best option for you for perfect hairstyling with great hair care. The amazing and powerful Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3900 is the hair care essential and a must-have. The lightweight hairdryer weighs only 2.5 pounds, super easy to handle and style your hair quickly in the rush.

The ionic technology generates negative ions to secure the hydration of the hair cuticles to prevent them from drying out and getting frizzy with the hairstyling. The ceramic technology soothes down the hair makes them silky, shiny and smooth with high quality, professional hair care treatment. The powerful high-performance motor generates enough power to dry hair in the half time than the usual hair dryers. This low weight hair care essential comes with multiple detachable accessories which makes the

Professional hair styling, even more, easier and comfortable at home. It consumes a little space in your bag pack, makes it easier to carry around with you while traveling, making sure that you look perfect around the clock no matter where you are. This dryer can be your great companion in everyday hair styling.


  • Professional approach to hair styling
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Variable speed settings
  • Improved Ionic technology
  • Ceramic technology
  • Keeps the hair hydration intact
  • Available in different shades
  • Convenient accessories
  • Super-easy handling


  • Weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Expensive
  • Non-recyclable material


The professional, high-performance hairdryer by Olivia Garden is the best tool to tame all the possible types and textures of hair including straight, curly, wavy and super curly hair, no matter what is the condition of hair dry, damaged or chemically treated, this dryer is versatile enough to help you unleash your creative styling abilities.

With the ceramic technology, that all the latest hair dryers usually have, it prevents hair damage due to hair treatment, by keeping the hair hydrated and protected from heat by making a layer around the hair cuticles. It eliminates the frizz and roughness, adds shine and body to the hair, seals the moisture in and improves the hair volume to get the visible and amazing results.

The powerful 1875 Watts motor quietly and efficiently styles your hair in the blink of an eye. It is powerful enough to dry larger portions of hair simultaneously within a few seconds. It assures the hair drying done within 5 minutes or even less. This amazing tool is ultralight weighs only 14 oz or 396 g, extremely light to carry and handle, weighs lighter than your phone maybe. The detachable air filter and accessories make it easy to get cleaned. This irresistible tool offers a limited 2 years warranty with a money-back guarantee.

It allows you to adjust the heat and speed according to your need, with the option of 3 temperature settings and 2-speed settings. It also has a cool shot button. Moreover, the brand offers you the ceramic plus iron snap-on finger diffuser to allow the hair drying very quickly and perfectly without making the hair frizzy and messed up. You can never get wrong with this hairdryer.


  • High-quality hair care essential
  • Multiple accessories for precision and perfection
  • 1875 Watts powerful motor
  • Adjustable 3 temperature settings
  • 2-speed settings
  • Advanced ceramic + iron technology
  • Ionic airflow
  • Cool shot button
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Removable air filter


  • Finger diffuser has to be bought separately
  • Expensive
  • Not eco-friendly


The professionally designed hairdryer is made by keeping the suggestions of professional hairstylists in mind. Parlux 385 Power light hair dryer is everything that a dryer can possibly be. Most of the parts of the dryer, inside and outside, are made recyclable. The eco-friendly structure is good for the environment in many ways.

The powerful, efficiently designed motor takes a little time to dry your hair from roots to tips, hence, it saves power with its every time use, comparative to other dryers. This dryer is a durable body and heavy-duty machinery that has a long lifetime of 2200 hours. With the 2,150 Watts power motor, it dries hair at the speed of 73 m3/h. The ionic and ceramic technology gives your hair body and volume along with perfect styling.

It prevents frizz and provides static-free, healthy-looking, silky smooth hair every day. It is designed with the incorporated silencer within the inner machinery that gives you noise-free hair treatment. It allows hair styling at 2 different speeds and 4 different temperatures to suit your comfort and need.

It has a micro switch to instantly turn on the cold shot button. The 3 meters long strong cable helps you to style your hair with great comfort without any movement restriction. Parlux is the dryer at its very best.


  • Professionally designed salon-quality dryer
  • Iconic and Ceramic technology
  • 2,150 Watts power motor
  • 3 meters long cable
  • Detachable accessories
  • 2-speed settings and 4 temperature settings
  • Microswitch for cold shots
  • Incorporated Silencer
  • Eco-friendly, Recyclable
  • 79 m3/h speed of air flow


The expert’s choice, Dyson’s supersonic hairdryer is the best to secure your hair from heat damage. It adds shine to your hair and makes it look bouncy and healthy. The damaged hair scatters light from its scaly and rough surface. The extremely efficient temperature regulating the property of this hair dryer checks temperature 40 times per second to keep the hair from damage by excessive heat exposure.

This intelligent heat control keeps the hair shiny, healthy and lights reflective for a longer period of time after hair styling. It is engineered for tough, textured and curly hair to style with high-performance accessories with magnetic attachment, the most effective of them all is the robust airflow through comb attachment to get to the roots of tough curly hair. Combined with Air Multiplier™ it creates the jet of high-pressure air at very high speed enables fast-drying, 6 times faster than the usual speed.

The precision perfect nozzle directs the airflow to the targeted areas only to control the heat distribution. The wide, thin design of the styling concentrator creates a high-velocity blade of air to focus on a particular section of hair without disturbing the rest of the hair. The dryer comes with the styling guide and a chance to get an appointment for the training class directly from professional hairstylists to teach you how to control this tool.

The diffuser comes in as an additional magnetic attachment to define your pre-existing curls, adds shine to them, volumizes them and adds body and texture to the hair strands. The diffuser can also be used on straighter hair to create a movement in the flat stream. Overall this dryer is expensive and justifies beautifully where you are spending your money.


  • Powerful motor with 2 years warranty
  • Increases shine up to 132%
  • Eliminates frizz up to 61%
  • Increases smoothness by 75%
  • Versatile, suitable for all hair types
  • Intelligent heat control
  • Efficient accessories with magnetic attachments
  • Air Multiplier Technology
  • Fast Drying, Power Saving property
  • Checks temperature 40 times per sec


  • Very Expensive
  • Not EcoFriendly

Wrapping It Up!!

The aim of this article is to guide you through the tough decision of choosing the best blow dryer for diffusing curly hair. All these hair dryers mentioned in the list are of the same category.The main function of the hair diffuser is to redefine the curls, make them shine more and add volume to your hair to make them look manageable, styled and filler.

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