What My Boyfriend Thinks Makeup Is

Ever wondered what your partner actually thinks makeup is for? Well i decided to ask mine after seeing Kirsty from LifeInExcess ask hers. I have been with my partner for six years so he must of picked up some tips by now right?! I asked him what each product is and wrote down his exact answer.

Primer: The thing before you put on before makeup, the thing you put on first.
What does it do: Stops your face getting oily

Foundation: The main colour thing.
What does it do: gives you a slag line if you put it on wrong, makes your face have colours.

Concealer: Hides shit, like spots.

Powder: Tap it on your face.

What does it do? Stops you getting oily.

Blusher: Give’s your cheeks a bit of colour, when you do your pout face.

Highlighter: To make your cheekbones shine.

Contouring: Give’s your face structure, like your cheekbones.
whilst saying this he is pointing to his cheekbones!

Bronzer: To make you look bronze.

Mascara: For your eyelashes, make them look long.

Brow Pomade: Make your brows look like lovely shit?
He is looking quite confused right about now.

Brow Gel: To gel your eyebrows? It’s like hairspray.

Setting Spray: A Spray? Stop’s your face sweating. It’s that shit you spray everywhere.

Eye Liner: That little black thing you put round, makes your eyes stand out.

Overall im quite impressed how much he knows so it shows he does actually listen! My favourite has to be his answer for the foundation.

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