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Personalised Gifts are my favourite! I was recently contacted by IJustLoveIt to pick a range of products. I was super excited as they have a wide range of gifts, it was a really hard choice! In the end I picked four items, two of which are personalised and two of which are just gifts. The website has gifts for everyone, male or female, young or old. 

So What Did I Pick?


Cocktail Bellini Peach Scented Candle | £11.99 | Link

Oh my… this smells insanely good! I am obsessed with candles so when i saw they had a range of cocktail candles I knew I had to have one. I wanted something not like any of my others candles so i chose this peach scented candle. For £11 it is quite large which impressed me. The smell is exactly like those Peach/Apricot children’s yogurts! They also sell a Cosmopolitan Candle! For me this scent is just as good if not better than Yankee Candles. It has a 30 hour burning time and is made from 100% vegetable wax.


Pet Memorial Stone | £18.99 | Link

Recently my partner’s dog of 11 years has passed away. I have two cats and he has another dog. We are animal obsessed, who isn’t?! So when I saw the website did these sweet memorial stone’s I knew I had to get one. They come in small or large and you can get the name or message engraved with a paw print or heart. I went with the small pebble with his name and paw print on. This is the sweetest thing. The website does so many pet products ranging from Dogs, Cats & More including food bowls, mats, collars and more!


Chanel Hanging Sign | £9.99 | Link

How could I not pick something beauty related?! I am in love with this plaque. It is a white wooden sign which has the pretty Chanel No5 Bottle and a famous Chanel quote. You have a choice of 15 famous Coco Chanel quotes but I loved the quote I picked. I thought this would look really pretty on my dressing table. It does have a hook on the back if you want to hang it up. 


Chilli & Bubbles Lovey Dovey Contract | £9.99 – £19.99 | Link

Save the best till last! Me and my partner are currently saving up for a mortgage for our first home, we are hoping to buy mid next year. When I saw this contract I thought it was the cutest thing ever! It has mine and my partner’s names on then has this funny/cute list of house rules/why you love them. Then at the bottom we both have to sign it and date it! I thought this would look super cute in our bedroom just as a quirky thing to have. You can buy the contract on it’s own for £9.99 or you can buy it with the frame for £19.99. 

They also sell a “House Rules” one too which is rather funny!

I am totally obsessed with each item I picked. Definitely head over to IJustLoveIt and see what amazing gifts they have. 

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