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Hello Ladies, this is not my usual kind of post but it was something that interest me and i thought would interest you too. I was recently contacted by Remi a Marketing Student who is also a huge lover of fashion. She is a keen writer but doesn’t have her own blog at the moment. I hope you enjoy her take on beauty around the world.

Beauty Around The World

Internet for me has always been a means of learning about different parts of the world and its cultures. A couple of days ago, I’ve watched a perspective changing video of Beauty Standards Around The World. It was striking for me, because whenever I thought about beauty standards I tended to see them historically and not geographically. Though western influence has spread around the world thanks to the movie industry and mass media, many of the countries held on to their beauty ideals, or at least made their own variations of Hollywood beauty.  Grab a brush and put a little make-up

It was interesting for me to see that for many women in Western Europe it is not common to leave it is not common common to leave the house without any makeup. Earlier  I had an interest in history, so I can easily associate that with the,  for example, Edwardian era makeup when it was scandalous fora woman to appear in public with a “naked face”.  As the above mentioned video points out, Germany is the biggest spender, when it comes to makeup, in the whole of Europe. Many women would cancel a date or appointment if they would have to go without makeup, for some reason. One UK Study had an interesting founding, that an average British woman spends 474 days of her life applying makeup.

When someone says plastic surgery, first location that comes to my mind is the US. In America, the perception of beauty relies on Hollywood standards and magazine covers. That caused a high demand of plastic surgery in order for regular women to look like photo shopped beauties. Skinny busty ladies are ideal in the United States, so you can imagine what kind of procedures are the most wanted. But, America is not the only country where women are searching for a little nip and tuck of their own. I think you’ll be as suprised as i was. When you hear that Iran is the nose job capital of the world. There is is a common and desirable procedure. Luckily for Iranian ladies, modern wonders of plastic surgery have brought us the possibility of noninvasive injectable rhinoplasty which is more affordable and practically painless.

In the Middle East which is predominantly Islamic, women are often wearing hi jabs as an expression of modesty. So the only thing they are showing to the world is their face, and sometimes, just their eyes. With these kinds of cultural norms eyes become the focal point of a woman’s beauty. But this obsession with the eyes has been a part of Arabic culture for ages. An Idiom in Arabic language that illustrates this the best is “By the light of your eyes i will do it” which is the equivalent of responding “My Pleasure” when asked for a favor. Bright conspicuous eyes with striking eyeliner represent the beauty ideal in many Middle East countries.

If one day the road takes to Asia, you’ll notice just how gentle, bright and healthy the skin of their women is. A primary criterion of beauty in this continent is smooth and youthful skin. Asians devote a lot of time to skin care rituals that include countless care and beauty products. Having a pale skin in South Korea for instance, is an indicator of social success and richness, even for men. There is also a beauty ideal based on the skin tan in India where the industry dedicated to lightening and skin bleaching creams is flourishing.  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is situated geographically in a specific part of the world, so everyone sees beauty differently. For me, the beauty lies exactly in those differences.

What did you think? If you haven’t already watched the video then i would recommend watching it as it really did shock me at how different countries see beauty. Click here to watch the short video on YouTube.