BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette Review & Swatches

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Yes the Carli Bybel palette is finally mine! After watching alot of YouTube videos and drooling over this palette it is finally in my hands and i couldn’t be happier. What made it even better was BH Cosmetics had it on sale so it only cost me £8! Can you believe it?! I ordered this directly from the BH website and no i didn’t get any custom charges. As long as your order is below $30 you won’t be charged customs. The postage was around £6 so it was a total steal. 

Not only is this gorgeous to stare it, it was incredible to swatch. I lightly swatched each shade and couldn’t believe the pigmentation. The highlight shades and shimmer eye shadows are amazing. The only thing i can pick on is the matte shades. Yes they are pretty but they feel a little patchy when i swatched them. They weren’t as pigmented as the highlighting and shimmer shades but they are still workable. 

The first three highlight shades (L-R) i will definitely use as a highlight but the last shade is too dark for my pale skin so i will get alot of use out of it as an eyeshadow shade. I do love the range of highlight shades and can see myself using them alot. The shadows are definitely warm tones which is me down to a tea. It is barely ever i wear cool tones as they just don’t suit me. 90% of the time i will have some sort of gold/bronze eye. I will be using this palette until there is literally nothing left!

Highlight Shades 


Top Row Shadows


Second Row Shadows


As you can see these shades are gorgeous! I am so happy i got my hands on this.

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