How To Use Shipito To Ship Products From The US

Last week I posted my first ColourPop order with plenty of swatches, if you missed it I will leave the link at the end of this post so you can have a little nosey. ColourPop is a brand everyone wants to try but some people aren’t sure on how to get it to the UK or how much it costs. I thought it would be a good idea to do a step by step guide on what I did and how much it all cost. 

Step One – Pick a shipping company. As ColourPop don’t ship to the UK (Come on ColourPop get it sorted) you have to use a shipping company which will do it for you. I chose Shipito and I am glad I did. 

Step Two – create your account, once you have created your account they will provide you with one or two US shipping address’s which are now yours. I received two shipping address’, one says it is for larger parcels and one for smaller parcels. 

Step Three – Place your ColourPop order. I would recommend not going above $30 on the ColourPop website to ensure your postage costs aren’t high. Once you go to check out and it asks for your delivery address use the address Shipito gave you. Make sure you double check you have put the correct address in and the correct reference as the reference makes sure Shipito know it is for you.

Step Four – ColourPop can take up to two weeks to ship your order depending if they have sales on etc… Once shipped they will email you. You will then receive an email from Shipito confirming they have received your order and you now need to fill in a customs declartion form. 

Step Five – Log into your Shipito account and you will see a notification regarding your order and a section where it will say “Customs Declaration Needed” (or something similar). When filling in the form it will ask you to list the products in the parcel along with the prices. It will also ask you if you want Shipito to open and check the parcel. I didn’t do this personally as I only ordered a few items. 

Step Six – Once the declaration is filled in you have to wait for them to email you again. Once this has been done you can then go and look at shipping options and costs. You will get a long list of shipping costs one or two being cheap and some are stupid prices. I went with the cheapest and it advised the order will take 15-35 days to arrive. You will also have the option to add on extra’s including Fragile Stickers, Extra Bubble Wrap/Packing and so on. I opted for fragile stickers which only cost an extra £1.

Shipping costs & Extras will vary depending on the weight of your order, hence me advising not to place an order more than $30. Some bloggers advised me when filling in the Customs Declaration to declare your parcel as being no more than $20 as this way you won’t get charged custom charges once it arrives in the UK. 

As I mentioned postage costs vary depending on the weight of your parcel. My order was $30 and I paid around £10-£12 shipping costs, this included the extra £1 for a fragile sticker and £2 for shipping insurance. You will get the option of different costs for insurance depending what you want.

My parcel arrived within 10 days after being shipped. One Eye Shadow was cracked but I easily fixed that. It seems as long as you don’t place huge orders you won’t pay custom charges from Royal Mail. I didn’t get any custom charges.

It is as simple as that. Also with Shipito they have an online web chat if you have any queries. I spoke to them twice and they were ever so helpful! Now I have done my first order I have now got the ColourPop bug!!

Will You Be Making An Order?

Psst… Check out what I got and see how pretty the swatches are!

ColourPop Haul #1 CLICK HERE or The Image Below

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