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When im buying makeup i am not one who usually tends to look at the ingridients. The amount of different products i put on my face but i don’t actually know what im putting on it? So to try a makeup brand that is all Natural and Organic ingridients was something i definitely wanted to try. Eco Natural Products is a website which specializes in Natural and Organic Beauty. Natural makeup products are perfect for anyone who suffers with sensitive skin, acne prone skin as the ingridients won’t harm your skin. 

First up i tried the Avril Liquid Foundation Cream and i have to say the shade Light is perfect on my pale skin. I love the packaging as i do love foundations in squeezy tubes so you can be sure to use up every last drop. This foundation had a slightly runny texture but not so it will run off your face. I found it applied best with a damp beauty sponge and it gave light coverage but it covered my blemishes well. It has a slight powder finish which is perfect for me. I think i will definitely use this more in the summer when i don’t need as much coverage. 

Next up are my two favourite products. During winter i never wear coral shades but in spring/summer im all for the coral. The Avril Organic Powder Blush in Terre Cuite is stunning. It is a gorgeous light coral shade which gives the skin such a pretty colour to the cheeks. I find you only need a small amount of product and it looks flawless. I also tried the Avril Organic Lipstick in Saumon which is stunning! It is a dark coral which looks gorgeous on pale skin. I love how it has a slight tint of burnt orange which you don’t see in many coral lipsticks. This lipstick is super creamy and lasted really well. 

Overall i am really impressed with these products, i will definitely be trying more natural products as they seem to really agree with my skin. Eco Natural Products also sell Haircare and Skincare!

NOTE: This Brand Does Not Test On Animals.

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