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This week the autumn weather has started. I woke up to the garden furniture blown around the garden, rain sounding like its going to come through the window and just cold. Iv had a nice cosy day in with my mum watching films, whats better than that? Following this autumn weather needs to be an autumn makeup post right? Well im sharing my favourite blushers for this time of year. I don’t stick to one shade because I like to mix and play around a bit.

1.     Gosh Multicolour Blush in “Pink Pie” | £7.99

One of my favourite blushers. The colours are just stunning. A mix of coral, berry and a dark nude which work perfectly together. The pigmentation in this is amazing. Honestly worth a buy. They also sell another shade “Bronzed”.

2.     Natural Collection Blush in “Pink Cloud” |£1.99

Iv mentioned this blush before in past posts. Iv been using this blush for many years, its perfect. The colour is a subtle pink that instantly brightens up your look in seconds. If you want to look more fresh and awake I go straight to this.

3.     Sleek Blush Palette in “Lace” | £9.99

Sleek palettes seem to be really popular. I love that you get 3 shades. In this one you get two powder blushers and one shimmer blush. These shades are perfect for autumn, they give you that warm look. Be careful not to apply too much as they are very pigmented and you only need a small amount.

4.     Makeup Revolution Baked Blush in “One for Playing Games” | £2.50

This is a newbie to my collection. I have tried many products from Makeup Revolution as they are such amazing prices and quality. Iv never really tried purple blushers as I thought they would be too much but surprisingly this looks stunning. It gives you more of a shimmer than a block of purple which I like. I am going to buy more of these.


Whats your perfect go to blush?

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