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Hello Lovelies, hows your week going so far? Iv been pretty busy this week. I went Christmas shopping yesterday and got a few more bits and bobs. I only need to get about 3 more presents then im done…yes done! I cant believe it. Usually im very unorganised but this year im superrr organised. Its quite nice not to have to stress about it. Today iv been baking my mars bar cupcakes for my mum to take to work. Moving on to todays post its all about makeup tips and tricks. Everyone has different ways of doing things that work for them. These are just my opinion and things that work for me.


1.     Once a week I use Sudocream all over my face like a facemask, leave it on about 10-15 minutes then wash off with warm water. Your skin is left feeling baby smooth.

2.     Applying primer – leave it about 10-15 minutes to soak into your skin, iv noticed doing this has helped when applying my foundation.

3.     If like me you want fuller coverage apply concealer before foundation and if needed touch up again after applying foundation.

4.     If you apply foundation then sweep across with your powder brush this actually removes some of the foundation and reduces coverage. So instead pat your powder brush onto your skin and press it in gently this ensures all the powder is applied to the face without removing any foundation.
5. If you want your lipstick to look matte apply the lipstick then dab translucent powder over the top of it.

TOP TIP: wash your makeup brushes using your normal hair shampoo it works so much better than brush cleansers.


1.     Longer lashes…yes please. Apply a clear mascara first then your normal one this adds extra length. 

2.     Filling in brows can be a nightmare. Recently iv found using a brown matte eyeshadow works better and easier to use.

3.     Like using loose powder eyeshadows? Apply vasaline onto your lid then apply the loose powder with a small brush.

4.     Want defined lines and angles with eyeshadow like the image below? Use scotch tape as your guide it works amazingly.

5.     Apply black liner underneath your top lashes it makes them appear fuller.

6.     I also use a clear masacara over my brows to keep them in place without adding anymore colour.

TOP TIP: Once your finished with your mascara keep the wand. Wash it out then it can be used for your brows. Shape them, comb them or fill them in using the wand.

Does Makeup Expire? Yes it does. Honestly I used to keep makeup forever until I realised it does actually expire. So how long should you keep your makeup…

Mascara | 3-6 months

Foundation | 6-12 months

Lipstick | 12-18 months

Nail Polish | can last upto 2 years depending on how you store it

Eye Pencils | upto 2 years

Eyeshadows | 2 years

Blushers | 2 years