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This post won’t be of interest to everyone but i felt it was time to explain a few things and how it will effect me blogging in the next few months. If some of you follow me on twitter you may have noticed i have mentioned hospital appointments so i have done this for people to understand.

Ok lets start from the beginning…

What Happened…

Quite a few years ago i was hit by a car which luckily only caused damage to my leg. A couple of years after the accident i was told i needed an operation on my knee to fix it. After the operation i knew something wasn’t right. It took me over 3 months to recover and ever since that operation my knee has been swollen everyday and never goes down. I went back to my GP and was told everything was fine. Shortly after my knee began to give way and i would fall. This became a regular thing and more and more often. I kept going back to my gp who finally referred me to the hospital. I had x rays which same back fine and was told again nothing was wrong! You know your knee giving way and falling every month is not normal. 

In June last year my knee finally gave way again but this time i knew it was bad. I had fallen and haven’t been able to walk without a crutch since. A few weeks after the fall i was referred to my hospital and once again told nothing was wrong and the words they used were “It is like diabetes you have to learn to live with it”. Im sorry but a knee giving way and especially not being to walk without a crutch is not normal. I was then referred to someone else who said they do not deal with knees and because it is a complicated case i need referring to a specialist hospital which is 1 hour from where i live. 

What Will Be Happening…

When my appointment at the specialist hospital came i was a little skeptical thinking i would be fobbed off again. This consultant told me within 10 minutes what was wrong and that i should of been sent to him 3 years ago. In the end it has come to surface that all of my nerves in my knee are damaged, i have ligament damage and some further damage. I am having to have surgery on my knee for them to correct everything and put screws into my knee. My consultant has told me i won’t be walking without a crutch for at least another 6 months. I am currently having to wear a leg brace everyday. After my operation i will have to have my leg in a metal splint so i won’t be able to move it what so ever for 2 weeks. Then i will need a leg brace from my hip to my ankle for 6 weeks and then another large brace for 3-4 months. 

I have now been told my operation will be sometime in the next 6 weeks. All in all i will have been out of my job for 18 months. Luckily my work are being really good and keeping my job open. It has really knocked my confidence as if i ever go out so many people look at my leg and some have even made comments. Shockingly it is more of the older generation who have been making comments. This is the reason i started my blog as i needed something to do which wouldn’t take up to much physical energy. I can’t go out on my own incase i fall, someone has to help me up the stairs, i feel i have lost all my independence.

When i have my operation i am going to try and write up posts ready to schedule but it will effect me in some way. I hope you can all understand and be patient with me as i am so happy with how far my blog has come in 1 year. Even just talking to some of you on twitter or in chats really does help me and its nice not to be judged on something like this. 

Sorry for the long post guys but i just wanted to get it out there as the time felt right to finally explain myself.

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