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Ok ill just say it, im a fussy person. Im a fussy eater, im fussy with everything. Even when it comes to blogging im fussy, its just in my personality. If i go onto a blog i do look for certain things that will make me follow you. Everyone has different things they like or different things they look for. Everyone should be proud of their blogs no matter the amount of followers. These are just some of the things that will make me click follow on your blog. I mainly follow blogs on Bloglovin and then 9 times out of 10 i will also follow you on other social media platforms. So what is it that makes me follow your blog?


I am not at all great at photography, up until recently i had been using my Iphone 5s which i did just write a post on how i did it and how i improved it (read it here if you missed it). I understand photography is not everyone’s forte but it really puts me off when images are really dark and dull and you can’t really see the product. Pictures are a huge part of your blog. Everyone thought i was using a camera for the past year but i was using my phone so it goes to show you just need the right tools. 

The whole reason we go onto blogs is the read the post right? So please don’t do just one HUGE paragraph with no breaks, no links, nothing. I won’t even attempt to read it, i will click straight off your blog. I find having smaller paragraphs with different coloured links really keeps readers interested, especially me.


Yes, this is me being picky but i just love to see a good old swatch. Im not the best at swatching but i always make sure i swatch if im talking about eyeshadows, lipsticks etc. If im reading about a product i want to see what it actually looks like. Alot of people say well read the post and then go on google images. Yes i could but i would rather see it all in one place hence going onto the post in the first place. 

No Adverts

Eurgh, seriously i hate them! I know this is normally on more well known bloggers blogs but why do they need to take over the whole page?! I could understand if it was something to do with the blog or the blog post but when im reading a beauty blog and the advert all over the page is about fairy liquid? Come on im reading about lipstick not how to wash my plates! I definitely prefer no adverts, i have even unfollowed some well known bloggers for having these constant pop up adverts.

Comments Section

When i go onto blogs i love to leave comments. I really enjoy reading my comments and i always make sure i reply to every single one. I think if you can make someone smile by leaving a positive comment then why not? So why does this put me off right? It doesn’t, what puts me off is when you can’t find where to comment. I have come across a few blogs lately that either didn’t have a comment section or it was that tiny you just couldn’t see it. I usually leave a comment on every post i read so please have them easy to get to.

Social Buttons/Sidebar
I firstly follow a blog on Bloglovin but most of the time i want to follow all your other social media accounts. I love Social Media buttons that stand out and are easy to access on the sidebar. Also a tidy sidebar, i hate messy ones where all the widgets are different sizes. 

All of those are things i look for and like i said these things will make me follow your blog. Even though these are things i look for on other blogs i also try to do them on my own blog and i hope that shows. 

What are the things you look for?