EmmysBeautyCave: July 2014

I have seen many reviews on the Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists and I have been looking at them for a while, so I finally decided to order some. All I can say is I absolutely love them! As I live in the UK they are hard to get hold of some I got them on ebay and they were approx £8.00 each which does seem a lot for a body spray but you get 250ml. As you can see the bottles are stunning! 

Victoria Secret Fragrance Mist Sheer Love | £8.00

Scent: Fresh White Cotton and Luminous Pink lily infused with Calming Aloe Vera and Chamomile.

This one is quite strong so you only need a little but it is your perfect floral scent.

Victoria Secret Fragrance Mist Coconut Passion

Scent: Rich Vanilla and Warm Coconut infused with Calming Aloe Vera and Chamomile.

I love this one, it is my favourite. I love anything that smells like coconut or mango. Its not strong but you can also smell the vanilla and its just perfect for the summer!