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Today is a different post to my usual ones as this is a Guest Post by the lovely Amy from Melbourne. 


Amy Mia Goldsmith is a student of literature by day and an insane all-things-beauty lover by night. She is an Aussie, loves to read and has been writing novels and short stories as long as she can remember. Her passion is beauty and make up and she loves to spend her free time reading reviews and of course – make up shopping! 

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Sensational Skin Treatments You Need To Try This Year…

Many people think that having great shiny skin is a gift from nature. Sadly, they are wrong. People with beautiful skin are infact, doing more than you think in order to protect their skin and keep it as beautiful as they can. I used to have problematic skin and these are some of the procedures said to work on miracles on the skin.

Fruit Acid Peeling 

Fruit acid peeling is a medical procedure which helps your skin recover. It uses fruit acids from oranges and apples in the majority of cases, which contain glycolic acid. This acid peels and removes dead and damaged layers of skin. Its benefits are tone and texture improvement, but this is not the only thing it can do. After it removes the layer of dead skin, it penetrates into its deeper levels and cleans them. This treatment is one of the best ones for treating acne. 

Laser facials are procedures which include the use of lasers in order to give skin a dewy, youthful complexion. This is, in fact, a procedure famous for Jennifer Aniston – she recommends it warmly. This procedure consists of resurfacing skin using lasers, in order to remove skin damaged from sun exposure and ageing. It is painless and the only side effect is that is leaves slight redness which disappears within a couple of hours after the treatment. 

Blue light therapy is a type of photo therapy which consists of exposing skin to lasers which emit blue light. The exposure to light is temporally limited, and can be even prescribed to a certain time of the day. Blue light therapy can help treat the majority of skin disorders, such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo and the like. Its benefits are numerous and dermatologists recommend it even in treating some forms of cancer.

Whether you opt for a skin treatment or not, it is crucial to have a skin care routine. Mine looks like this: First I clean my face from makeup with Jane Iredale Botanical Makeup Remover (Aussie readers, I recommend getting Jane Iredale products from Alive Skin+Hair), then I clean my skin with a mild soap and water, and after I use a moisturiser to keep my skin plump and provide it with enough water and nutrients. I also changed my nutrition and now I eat a lot of fruit and fresh vegetables and keep off junk food and sodas. The clinic also recommended that I use sunscreen even during winter, in order to prevent skin damage due to sun exposure, and I must say that I live a happier life now. 

What about you? Have you tried some of these procedures? Let me know in the comments below so that we can discuss them further.