ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadows Review and Swatches | EmmysBeautyCave

colourpop2bsuper2bshock2beye2bshadows2breview2b-7821801 ColourPop has become one of my favourite brands over the past year. I must have placed 9-10 orders… oops. Although I still use a shipping company as it works out much cheaper than ColourPop’s Shipping and I have never got customs. The shadows are insanely good. My collection is slowly growing. ColourPop’s Eye Shadows come in six different finishes from matte to metallic to pearlized and more. The formula is a cream to powder which is strange but I find they work well with many brushes. I mainly use them with flat brushes to apply to the lid then a crease brush like the Zoeva 227 Brush works well. You can also use your fingers. I dropped a couple but you can pat them back together!


I have eleven shades so far, I only need a few more to fill my drawer. I find them all extremely pigmented and they last on my eyes all day. The colours don’t fade at all. The mattes and metallic shades are my favourites, they are super creamy and so intense. 


Look how intense they are! These swatches didn’t need building up or anything. To me a truly pigmented shadow shouldn’t need building up at all. My favourite shades have to be Paradox, Elixir, Cheeky, I Heart This and Kathleen Lights. 

I have tried many ColourPop products but my top three have to be the Highlighters, Eye Shadows and the Ultra Satin Lips. The highlighters are the most intense highlight I have ever used. They beat my high end ones even the Becca Champagne Pop and my ABH Glow Kit! 

I also did a full review and lip swatches of all of my ColourPop Lippie Stix.