Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss Review* | EmmysBeautyCave


A while ago I was contacted by a lovely lady from Beau Beauty asking me if I wanted to try out a Contouring Lip Gloss. I have to admit I had never heard of a Contouring Lip Gloss but she explained the way it works…

“Clinically proven to stimulate collagen production, this peptide helps you achieve the full, shapely lips you desire in only 28 days. Ideal to wear alone or over your favorite shade lipstick, this long-wearing formula glides on smoothly, delivering a sophisticated shine. With Contouring Lip Gloss, the more you wear it, the better your lips will look.”

When I received the gloss I was very excited to try it as I had already had a look on the Beautyxbeau instagram account and seen others before and after photos and the results looked amazing. When I first tried the gloss it felt like any other lipgloss but not too sticky which I quite liked. When I applied the gloss there was no tingling feeling like you would expect with this kind of gloss. 

I started applying the gloss to my bare lips twice a day and after two weeks I have to admit I hadn’t noticed a difference. Not wanting to give up on this product I decided to let my mum try it out for 3 weeks. She applied this to her bare lips 3-4 times daily. She agreed that the gloss felt lovely when applied but she couldn’t notice a difference herself. On her first day of application we took a photo and again on the 21st day. Having looked at the photo I cannot see any difference. On the Beau Beauty website it does say you should notice a difference within 28 days. My mums results are below.

Please note the second picture is more up close than the first one.


I have to admit I am a little disappointed that it didn’t work for me but maybe it all depends on the person. As you can see the product didn’t work for myself or my mum but that isn’t to say it won’t work for you. I did contact Beau Beauty advising of my results and the review and I never got a response back. This isn’t the most professional way to act as all brands should be aware a product won’t work on 100% of people. If you have tried anything like this let me know in the comments. This Gloss retails for £20.00. 

Check out BeautyxBeau on instagram and see what you think. They also sell a teeth whitening product which seems to be very popular!