Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Dupe or Phony

It is one of the most talked-about palettes of 2017, and here we are with what might be a dupe, some say? A dupe isn’t a product that looks the same, and it has to have the same quality; otherwise, it is just a cheaper alternative, not a dupe. Everyone loves a bargain, but you still want a good quality product. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette is a unique palette with a new mix of shades unlike any other palette, but it has come with its criticism. I, for one, love the palette, but there is a “dupe” that is £30.05 cheaper than the original. The question is… Is it worth it?

 The Subculture palette got mixed reviews, some saying the shadows don’t blend easily, but I don’t find it much of an issue. They take longer to incorporate because of how pigmented the shades are, and they take a little more work, that’s all. At £43, it is a little pricey, but that is what a high-end brand is all about; the price offers incredible quality from start to finish. 


Many people look for Dupes, as some people don’t always have the budget for a high-end brand. W7 have released the On The Rocks Palette, which looks pretty much the same as the Subculture palette. When you first look at the palettes, you can instantly tell the W7 one is smaller, and the packaging is cheap. The Subculture palette comes in a deep green soft velvet case which feels quite heavy. The W7 one comes in very light cardboard packaging. 

At first glance, the shades look very similar, almost identical, but are they the same? First up, I want to show you each of the shadows in the pan so you can see how they look. anastasia2bbeverly2bhills2bsubculture2bvs2bw7-2538546
The Anastasia, Beverly Hills Palette, is on the left and the W7 On The Rocks Palette is on the right. As I said at first look, the shades look identical in the pan. A shadow in the pan can be quite deceiving as once you swatch or use them, they can often look a little different. I have to admit when I opened the side of the palette by the side, I was shocked at how similar they looked. 

Let’s move onto the side by side swatches…


As you can see, the Anastasia ones in this row are more pigmented. I found one swipe was enough, whereas the W7 ones I had to build up. The end two shades don’t look very pigmented, but I have taken a picture at an angle where you can see the actual colour in the photo below. Even though the W7 shades aren’t as pigmented on this row, the colours look the same. 


Moving onto the second row. Again the ABH ones are more pigmented, but the W7 ones are delicious. The end shade is slightly lighter in the W7 palette, but it still looks like a good shade. The dark browns have different undertones as the ABH one is more of pure chocolate, whereas the W7 one has a warmer undertone. 


This has the above two shades from each palette, just at different angles. The ones on the left have a pink/silver tint when the light hits them. The ones on the right, the ABH shade, is my favourite as it has flecks of gold but with a hint of green. 


In this row, I have mixed thoughts. The grey shades, you can instantly see the colours are entirely different. The ABH one is intensely pigmented, whereas the W7 one is subtle and paler in the shade. The purples are similar shades, but the W7 one is very patchy. The gold shade in the W7 palette shocked me the most and is my favourite shade from the W7 palette. The two shades are identical, and both are just as pigmented. 


The yellow shades are similar, but the W7 one is more yellow, whereas the ABH one is more of a mustard colour. Pigmentation is still good in both of them. The dark green, well, you can clearly see the difference. The W7 shade is barely pigmented, and that was even after building it up! The last two on this row are entirely different. The ABH one has an orange tint, whereas the W7 one is just a darker yellow.


Last row! Probably the most disappointing in the W7 palette. The darker the shades get in the W7 palette, the less pigmented they become but, the more patchy they become. You can see the difference. Even though the shades are similar, the pigmentation just isn’t there. 

Personally, I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette (£43.00) and find the shades are highly pigmented, which just means they take a little more blending. The W7 On The Rocks Palette (£12.95) has shocked me with how many shades look, but the quality isn’t there. If you are on a budget and want an alternative to the ABH Subculture Palette, then yes, this could be for you if you don’t mind having to take the time to build some of the shades up.

To make the W7 palette work, I have noticed that you need to use an eye shadow primer to ensure the shadows last well. I don’t find they last as well as the ABH ones, as the W7 ones fade slightly throughout the door. 

Overall I would not call this a dupe but an alternative. A dupe should have the same colours, quality, and overall wow factor.

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