Six Bloggers Who Inspire Me

I have been blogging three and a half years now, I didn’t realise it was that long. When I started blogging I had no idea I would make such amazing friendships and learn so many things. It has really opened my eyes and helped me massively. When I started blogging I was scared to even tweet other bloggers or message them but now I happily message bloggers and chat and just have fun. There are many bloggers who I look up to but there are more importantly some bloggers who inspire me for very different reasons. 



Many of you may know me and Dena have become such close friends but that isn’t why I have included her in this post. I started talking to Dena two years ago and we met up last year. I have seen alot of the things Dena has been through and we talk everyday. Seeing everything she has going on but yet she still manages to always support other people and be there for them. It is amazing how she is always there especially for me. She is like me and has that banter and tries to joke around even when things aren’t going great but you know what… She always comes out the other side stronger.


Instagram: @TheDenaEdit
Twitter: @TheDenaEdit



This girl has so much sass and I envy that. Her style is incredible. I wish I could pull off some of the outfits she wears. Her Instagram feed/blog is just goals. I want everything she owns! Courtney doubts herself alot and doesn’t realise just how good she is. She has struggled alot with things but puts so much effort into her blog. I saw her tweet a while ago saying how people were tweeting things they had achieved but she felt like she hadn’t achieved anything. She has made a blog and Instagram feed to be proud of and she is always so supportive of other people.

Instagram: @crtnygrdnr
Twitter: @crtnygrdnr



I am so happy me and Zoe became friends. I think we first started talking through an Instagram group and just carried on from there. Zoe has alot of things going on in her life and her blog is her own little space for some time for herself. Even with all the hectic things going on in her own life she is one of the most supportive women I know. She has been there so much for me especially with my Chronic Illness Diagnosis. She understands how I feel and I can always talk to her about it. She helps so many people out and never wants anything in return. I think she is so brave and such an inspirational woman. 

Instagram: @mammafulzo
Twitter: @Mammafulzo



I have been reading Roxie’s blog for the longest time and we actually got talking more when she asked me to design her blog logo. She definitely inspires me with her blog photos, they are stunning shots. She blogs about all things beauty and lifestyle. Roxie inspires me because she is a mum but she also makes time for herself around her blog. She is the loveliest person and always has time for other people. 

Instagram: TheBeautifulBlueBird
Twitter: @BeautBlueBird



Oh this girl is amazing. I have been speaking with Nikki I think over two years now. She commented on a blog post I did before I had my reconstruction surgery on my leg and then we got talking. She has been through similar things and we often rant about how shit it is haha. I love her banter and how she always has a laugh even when she is in pain. So many people love her and I think she deserves so much praise for everything she has been through. Plus she is a total babe!

Instagram: @lovelaughslipstick
Twitter: @love_lippy



Me and Rachel first spoke when she asked me to design her a blog logo. She is absolutely gorgeous and has so many pretty photos on her blog and Instagram. She suffers with a Chronic Illness (don’t worry I’m not sharing private info, she openly talks about it on her social media) but also other issues but still manages to blog and be happy. I got diagnosed with a Chronic Illness last year and it hit me hard, when I have bad days I hate it and just want to try. Blogging can be so hard and the fact she does that and still does so much else is so inspirational. She is the loveliest person ever!

Instagram: @dollies_adventures
Twitter: @Mrs_Dollie