3 Amazing Ideas For Valentines Day

For those engaged to be married, Valentine’s Day may feel different from previous years, and as the wedding day comes closer, it becomes more important to celebrate in a meaningful and stylish way. For some, it will be your only Valentine’s Day as a fiancé(e) before the wedding, so you might want to mark the day with more than the traditional flowers, chocolates and champagne of the past. Here are three stylish ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your other half. 


The secret to a memorable Valentine’s Day can be tied to a unique, meaningful gift. Taking time to surprise one another with a fashionably elegant gift as a token of appreciation confirms your commitment to each other. As a couple who may have been together for some years, holidays like Valentine’s Day act as a reminder to do something special for your beloved.

When purchasing a gift, choose something that has some longevity. Champagne is drunk on the day, whilst chocolates get eaten, and bouquets wilt within a week. There are plenty of great Valentine’s gift ideas that you will want to keep for far longer and some classically styled gifts that will always look stylish across a lifetime.

To make any extra gift special, write a letter to your Valentine and tell them what you appreciate about them and how you want to see your future together. Sometimes, being so busy with careers, family responsibilities and daily chores, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s essential. If you don’t want to write, have a nice dinner and share your thoughts over candlelight.


Food plays an essential part in many couples’ love stories. Use Valentine’s Day as a chance to return to the restaurant you went to on the first date or the diner where you first knew the two of you were made for each other. This offers you both a chance to look at how far you have come and what you have to look forward to.

You can surprise your partner with a romantic dinner at home. If you don’t usually do the cooking at home, tell your spouse-to-be that you will take responsibility for Valentine’s Day dinner and prepare a meal at home. Even if you make just one course and buy the rest pre-made, the time and effort into planning and preparing a special dinner are sure to impress.

If your family and friends have been helping you with your wedding plans, making suggestions, calming anxieties and being there for you at the end of the phone, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to invite these people over for a potluck dinner where everyone brings a favourite dish. You can ask the couples invited what sensible and hilarious tips to a happy marriage they received.


If your wedding is this summer, you may be heavily involved in your wedding planning. Use Valentine’s Day to take a break and reconnect with a pre-honeymoon. A couple of nights away in a lovely hotel nearby where you can get away from schedules, devices and your wedding vendors for a few days so you can focus on each other.

If you have a hotel in mind for where you will be spending your first night as husband and wife, stay at this hotel so know what to expect in the way of facilities and service ahead of time. If you are planning a destination wedding, but are still undecided, book a city break to one of the places under consideration. If your hotel has a spa, have a couple’s massage, scrub, manicure or pedicure and make use of the sauna or whirlpool if they have one.

This could be your opportunity to start your own new Valentine’s Day tradition that you can continue for years to come. This could be an area you will love coming back to or a chain of hotels where you want to stay on future vacations. Returning will be a chance to reminisce; otherwise, you have given yourself the opportunity of planning your next romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.

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